Basics of Getting Started In SFI – How to Make a Strong Start?

 How to Get Started With SFI & How to Make a Strong Start?

SFI review - get started today - referral programs news
In fact, when you join SFI you will find out that this company has lots of stuff which could make you feel confused within your first days!

Yes, many of SFI affiliates faced this problem upon joining and I was one of them. However, it is normal to feel overwhelmed at the beginning but you will quickly get the hang of things, just be patient and positive and never give up.

So, before registering or starting your work, It is preferred to realize the following basics :

Getting an overview of the SFI program along with understanding the making money options.
Understand how to deal with SFI services and how to keep your activity and progress for success.

Great, you have already realized the basics for getting started in SFI!
And now, your next step will be just to perform the actions needed!——Ready? Let’s go!.

golden star The Basic Actions :-

1— Review the lessons available in “LaunchPad Index” ↓

SFI reviewIt is not necessary to understand all the lessons directly. Reading one lesson or five ones every basics for getting started in SFI - LauchPad lessonsday is a great way! If you have already completed all the lessons, then go over them again until you feel that you have understood them well.

Tip /
  I have simplified the making money process for you within my SFI review. So It is advisable when you finish the lessons in “LaunchPad” to go over reviewing the compensation plan. It is a complementary need to help you fully understand the qualifications of all SFI Income streams in short time. Besides, in my SFI review you can easily realize what SFI is all about!

2— Review the red tabs pages.

SFI-red-tabs - daily actionsYou are not obliged to read and understand all the contents within each red tab. At least if you read some information there in daily basis that will be very good!

3— Ignore the black tabs in your first month!

It is not important for you to review the black tabs in your first month of work, because it could overwhelm you.

However, once you are willing to review the black tabs, then I would suggest that you start reviewing the tab which is relevant to your SFI account because it is the most important section ( The “personal icon” is the option to check everything related to your SFI account. For example, your account settings, commissions reports, affiliate links, referrals,..etc. See the image below ).

SFI-black-tabs - referral programs news

4— If you have some doubts or when you get stuck with any point, DO NOT hesitate to ask your sponsor/upline via SFI chat, Team Mail, or you can share your issue in the SFI forum in order to get the answers in minutes.SFI review - referral programs news

5— Log in daily. Always remember that this action is very important, because It will make you feel that you are serious in working for success through this opportunity.

That’s what you have to perform in order to make a strong start and which can let you achieve many valuable things in your SFI journey. Now, if you are not registered in SFI yet, you can start your work by Clicking Here and I will do all my best to assist you there

Thanks for reading my article. I hope the steps are clear and helpful. Please, let me know if you have any question or opinion. You can add your comments below.

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  1. Hello Acell
    This is one of the best reviews I’ve ever read about SFI. It is of great advantage to all beginners in SFI. I will refer all my new members to read this article so as to have good start at SFI.. Thanks a lot for your effort
    Wishing you all the best

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