12 Replies to “Before You Join any Online Company or Business”

    1. I advise you to join trustworthy online businesses, such as this one, from my experience, I find it an acceptable example of legitimate companies and it may suit both beginner and professional Internet users.

      In addition to this, I suggest you join businesses who belong to Google services such as YouTube. You can monetize your YouTube channel using ads networks and other options.

  1. Dear Acell,

    I found your article very useful, especially at a time when electronic frauds have become epidemic. We must protect ourselves in some way. We can also verify identity of a company by checking if it has notified contact info, such as VAT number etc. , or comparing these info with the business website’s details at Domain Names, to see who is the owner.

    Is this a way to check if a company is reliable?

    Thanks. Thodoris.

    1. Hello Water Life,

      Of course it is, by the way, if a company does not provide at least contact information such as phone numbers or emails, then, we should immediately avoid it and consider it as unreliable company.

  2. A lot of people have fallen for fraudulent acts online due to their ignorance. They are just unable to tell if someone is trustworthy or not. A lot of people have been duped when purchasing products or programs online due to the fact that they don’t know much about it. This is why it is really important that before anyone buys a product from any website to make sure they perform a thorough research on such a website or program before they decide to make the purchase.  

    This is one of the best ways to avoid falling for scams especially in the online world.

  3. It is always good to be reminded that the Internet can be a good but also dangerous place if you don’t do your work and research before trusting any new company. I wish I would have been aware of the danger of the online business a long time ago and I wish I could have read your post about three years ago. Still even today it is always useful to remind people what they should do before starting any online venture. Thank you for the reminder unfortunately for me I had to learn the hard way….but eventually I did get it.

  4. I know an online scam when I see one. I’ve gone through a few scams, but that was because I was testing some out to see what o find so I can write about these scams. 

    How do you check out the URLs ? is there something there to show it is not legit?

    1. Yes, in general, the good online companies can be known by its security certificate! You can quickly realize if an online business is safe to use or not by reading its URL address at the top bar of your browser, the URLs of non-secure sites start as ‘http’ while the URLs of secure ones start as ‘https’.

  5. Unfortunately anonymity behind internet let a lot of scammers claim they have a legitimate business without being easy to verify if this is true or not. That’s why we need to be extra careful by doing a lot of research before we even consider joining any of them especially if it’s an unknown name. Research is the key here and we should never consider doing anything without checking if they are real.

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