Review – ClixSense Has Been Changed To ySense


Attention/ This page has been updated due to the big changes which occurred to ClixSense.

The ownership of ClixSense has been transferred to a new company’s ownership named YSense, LLC along with changing its domain name and logo, which means, now is considered a new business operated by Prodege, LLC.

However, the new project maintained the same data users of ClixSense.

WealthyMarketers Has Been Sold

ClixSense ReviewClixSense was a PTC + Paid Surveys platform where members can earn free cash by viewing advertisements, voicing opinions, recruiting others, and completing mini tasks. It was also a place for playing flash games for free. was online since February 2007 until July 31, 2019 when its last owner Jim Grago have decided to (likely) sell it to Josef Gorowitz who owns Swabucks, ShopAtHome, and other Prodege brands. In fact, ClixSense was a popular platform for money seekers especially in its beginning, I personally joined ClixSense on Januray 28, 2016 due to its good reputation during that period.

I was an active member in ClixSense for several years and everything was going well except the moment when its administrator encountered some difficulties in finding solutions for the payments issues.

To make it clear, Clixsense became unsustainable when its manager failed to maintain the payment processor of PayPal.

If I am not wrong, the year of 2017 is the time when PayPal has no longer accept dealing with any business that has relation to PTC models, and this may include even the related names such as Clix and Bux (The names of PTC sites are often contain a word like Click, Clix,or Bux).

The modern terms of PayPal, of course, let ClixSense faced a hard obstacle, because most of its members are preferring to use only PayPal for receiving payments online, meanwhile, the most used service in ClixSense is the Paid To Click.

By the way, this event reminds me of,
and I wonder if Neobux will face the same destiny.

It is noteworthy to mention that PayPal has refused to deal with PTC industry due to the many scammers who manage this type of businesses to deceive people.

At the end, the admin of ClixSense has found that removing the PTC feature and changing the company`s domain name is the only solution for restoring the payment method of PayPal, therefore, letting the registered members receive their financial earnings.

Those are some reasons which could answer the question of what makes Jim Grago dispense with ClixSense or transfer its ownership.

Did ClixSense scam us?

Before ClixSense has gone, specifically during the modifications that occurred to the ClixSense affiliate program, I lost all my referrals that I got because they were not active in logging in, which  is generally a reason that I do not like in online companies. Do note that scammers are interested to add this type of terms in their projects!

Besides, I think that the owner of ClixSense made a mistake for not informing his customers about the radical changes, because the companies owners and their members are partners, so the important news about their venture should be shared or known between them at least.

Those are the negative aspects which I have noticed about ClixSense, hence, the company was not a profitable one for me.

How about you?

11 Replies to “ Review – ClixSense Has Been Changed To ySense”

  1. Thank you very much for writing ySense review. I didn’t know that it used to be ClixSense when my friend try to get me as his referral. I’m sorry to hear about your referrals. Is there no other way to claim your referral income, since it should be caused by negligence from their side? Personally, I think I may need more time to check if it’s really worth for me to sign up. 

    1. You are welcome Alblue,
      I used the support ticket for claiming my old referrals but the ClixSene team support said that my referrals have been deleted because they were not active (fortunately, my referrals commissions are remained).

      Anyway, ClixSense now is gone and I think ySense seems a good choice for those who seek extra money online since it is managed now by a known company and it is totally free opportunity. However, if you aim for alternative projects then you can ask me about that whenever you want.

  2. I, too, was active on ClixSense for a while, sometime in 2015 and 2016. But then I lost motivation because I’m from a country that wasn’t interesting to most surveys, and I registered mostly because of it. At one point, I was registered on more than a dozen such similar sites (including Neobux), but because I spent a lot of time clicking on ads and earning very little, I gave it all up. This has been my experience with such PTC sites.
    Thanks for the interesting information and update of the post that ClixSense was renamed ySense.
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Hey Nina, it seems your experience is quite similar to mine! I hope you just found a good alternative business now.

  3. Thank you for the information. I personally have not tried one of these sites mainly because I have heard they don’t always pay out what is owed.  

    From various reviews I have seen, you need to watch a lot of videos and fill in a lot of surveys to get even a small amount of money.

    It’s interesting that the name has been changed to try and legitimise the company. Interesting read..

    1. Thank you for posting your personal point of view.
      In fact, the service of online paid surveys is a good opportunity for those people who want to earn extra money online. I am just not interested in making money via this type of tasks because I work currently in companies that provide its members with sophisticated services such as Wealthy Affiliate and LeadsLeap.

  4. Hi, Awad.
    Your article is well written and easy to read. A fascinating subject. I like the layout; it looks clean and tidy.

    I had never considered surveys as a means of earning money. I not sure that it is what I’d want to spend my days doing, but it would certainly appeal to many people.

    1. Hi Paul

      Yes, people have their own passions and interests.
      To be transparently, I am not interested in completing the paid online surveys (maybe currently), but meanwhile, some folks are looking for performing these types of earning methods.

      Thanks a lot for publishing your comment. Let me know if you need any thing regarding online businesses or Internet marketing.

  5. Wow sounds the concept of clicking on certain pictures and getting paid is pretty sweet. It seems simple and easy to use. Just getting paid to watch videos I think is a huge advantage as people can do this any time in the day. Programs like these are great for people who have anxiety. Also, the step by step guide really helps a lot!. I will be definitely be taking a look at it!

    1. Yeah, these types of programs are very easy to use for getting paid through Internet & for this reason I have added them in the level-1 list. I’m glad to hear that my article was clear and helpful for you! thanks a lot.

    2. Unfortunately, ClixSense removed the PTC service and they will continue to move forward as a survey, task and offer platform. Due to the latest ClixSense updates and news I have already made some changes on my ClixSense review.

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