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EasyHits4U.com Overview
EasyHits4U Review● Company’s Name—  EasyHits4U
● Introduced Since—  2003
● Website Owner—  Unknown
● The Joining Price—  Free
● HTTPS Secuity—  Available
● Payment Options—  SolidTrustPay

Understanding What EasyHits4U Is About

EasyHits4U is a Manual Traffic Exchange Site + Splash Pages and Rotator Links Builder where members are allowable to surf/promote web-pages for free, communicate with each other, build landing pages and rotator links, besides, users can generate unlimited potential revenue and additional free advertising on reciting others and surfing advertisements.

EasyHits4U gives their members the 1:1 ratio in their traffic exchange program, means for every site they visit they will receive 1 credit (1 visitor to their ad).
There is no limit to free visits the participants can receive per day, and if they have no time to view websites they can purchase credits (visits).

EasyHits4U is suitable for beginners and professional marketers.

Website URL ⇒ www.easyhits4u.com

How to benefit from EasyHits4U.com?

EasyHits4U is a place to publish approximately everything you want in various forms and regardless what your content language is.

Text, Banner, and Direct web-page are the advertising forms that you can use to promote stuff at easyhits4u.com, to show you how they will look like, see this screenshot:

Do know that before you can use those forms in promoting something there, you need to earn their credits at first. To earn advertisements credits at easyhits4u.com, you will have two choices, either purchasing them directly or by visiting sites-links using its free traffic system.

EasyHits4U provides you multiple ways to advertise there, the following points will explain some if not all of them:

  1. Advertising Using The Regular Traffic System (Direct Web-Pages)—
    This is the main service that all traffic exchange programs provide for their registered members in which you will be rewarded a visit to your ad for each ad of someone else you view.
    Here is a step-by-step guide to fully understand how to use this service at EasyHits4U: 

    After login, you can begin adding your favorite web-page-links in the “Websites” section immediately, upon clicking on “Add a new site” just fill your ad information. (see the instructions below) 

    EasyHits4U review
    The next step is to click the green tab “Start Surfing” which is found at your home page in order to start earning ads credits for each site you view, therefore, utilizing them in publishing your own adverts. When you begin viewing adverts, you will see the surf-bar in top of the window and It will be shown like this: 

    Easyhits4u review
    To make the system grants you credits, you need to wait until the timer changes to “Go” then pick a duplicate picture to continue browsing sites along with earning additional credits.
    surf bar
    In case of seeing a set of two numbers or words, the system will ask you to perform a simple calculation, just pick the answer for a given equation.
    traffic exchanges
    Just do know that clicking wrong choices repeatedly can lead to lose your membership or get suspended, so, be careful when you choose the numbers or icons during watching the adverts.Also, I would like to inform you that submission of sites with Adsense ads to any traffic exchange program is Against the Google Adsense program policies.
    Regarding the other PPC companies, I have no idea if they allow you to do that. If you know a single PPC company that accepts traffic exchanges, then, kindly let searchers know by sharing your comment at below this page.

  2. Advertising Using Banners—
    To market your custom banners through EasyHits4U platform, just upload your favorite banner file and then insert any target link you prefer within it.

    Or if you joined affiliate programs and wanted to publish their pre-designed banners, just copy their HTML code and then past it on the blank box where you can find it upon visiting the “Banners” section and clicking on “Add a new banner” inside the site.

  3. Advertising Using Text ads impressions—
    To set-up a text ad, all you need to do is writing any attractive sentence along with adding a target link in order to engage others click it and watch its content in a new window.

  4. Advertising Using Links Directory—
    The EasyHits4U reciprocal links directory was designed to help visitors find out blogs and resources based on what they are interested in. By the way, those publications are submitted by webmasters, so, in case of being a blogger or a website owner, you will find yourself allowed to participate in submitting your site links too in EasyHits4U directory, this submission may increase your websites link popularity due to getting some target viewers.

  5. Advertising Using Articles
    There is a section at easyhits4u.com specialized in publishing articles about Internet marketing, if you are familiar with writing topics about this particular, you can submit your own ones there.
    This idea can be useful for you, because when readers find out some helpful information in your article, it will likely make them trust you more and follow your tips and recommendations as well. By the way, you can also leave your website link there in which this strategy could enhance your website search engine optimization as all those topics published in that section bring targeted visitors.

    6- Advertising Using Your EasyHits4U Personal Profile—
    If you think that profiles content is used for completing accounts set-up only, then you are missing a great marketing tool! In fact, profiles can help users build relationships, generate sales leads, bring new customers, and maybe more depending on its content.

    To make things into perspective, in your profile description, you can add your short story, your achievements, your interests, your advice and services, or simply you can write in the description anything that could make your targeted reader reacts.

    On the other hand, you can use your profile image to promote your brand or to make your audience know who you are. Further, at EasyHits4U you will be able to add your social media accounts in case you desire to increase your followers number.
    Those are examples of opportunities which may impress your profile viewers.

    Click Here if you want to realize how your EasyHits4U personal profile is going to be looking like when people watch it regardless which source do they come from.
    Of course, you can publish your special page link in different networks in hopes of receiving more unique visitors as I did in my website.

    7- Advertising Using Offers—
    The company has built a section for listing offers (mini tasks) in which you will be granted a bonus automatically for each one of them you complete, the bonus and offer are both selected by the advertiser himself.

    This opportunity is open to every EasyHits4U member, if you want to add your own offers, all what you have to do mainly is selecting a micro job at first, for example, letting members doing subscribe to your YouTube channel or retweet, then secondly, select a bonus such as credit or cash for rewarding the accomplisher.

    You can find all the details about submitting offers when you click on “My Offers” button which is found at your EasyHits4U dashboard page.

EasyHits4U allows you to connect with its members via messages. You can use this service to market something, find out solutions/partners, or anything else.

Are you searching for designing web-pages by yourself?
EasyHits4u Review - Easy Splash BuilderIf yes, then you can do that easily with Easy Splash Builder.

This helping tool provided by EasyHits4U lets you build web-pages (splash pages) within minutes and customize their content as well at any time you want.
In fact, The service contains many features which can meet a lot of marketers needs, to find all features, checkout the site.

Below are some of my web pages that I made using the Easy Splash Builder service:

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Keep in mind that when EasyHits4U support team find your splash page looks effective and catchy, they will list it (after taking your permission) as one of the top Splash-Pages there in which this method is likely going to boost your ad popularity.

EasyHits4U put up a service called “Easy Rotator” in order to help you promote different web EasyHits4u.com Review - Easy Rotatoraddresses through one link.

To give you an example, click on this URL https://easyrotator.com/104738/

Have you noticed that the uniform resource locator above is leading you to different contents when you click it several times?
That is how your EasyHits4U rotator URLs will work for you.

During viewing the ads of promoters, you may discover new/interesting services, products, ideas, affiliate programs, opportunities, and much more.

Although that EasyHits4U has been established to lets people exchange traffic for each other, users are able to earn revenue with it, if you want to know how to make money with EasyHits4U, here are the ways:

  • Surfing Ads $

    While you are surfing advertisements, you will be given surf drawing tickets for the current day’s drawing. If you are selected as a winner in the daily surf drawing, you could win a 1 dollar. The total winners = 40 a day, each ten of them will receive a specific bonus and which is one of the following:

    $1 Cash bonus
    500 Credits
    5000 Banner impressions
    5000 Text ad impressions.

    When the drawing is made at the time of the server restart, winners automatically receive email notifications about their prizes, after that, all old surf drawing tickets are voided and a new drawing starts. As you can see in the image below, I have received a notification about winning the bonus of 1 dollar!


  • Referring Others $

    When you refer people to EasyHits4U using your affiliate link, you will receive $0.10 for every referral that surfs a minimum of 100 ad (for one time).

    You also generate 10% up to 40% cash commission each time your direct referral buys the easy splash builder and easy rotator service.

    Moreover, when you get EasyHits4U referrals, you will have the chance to earn unlimited credits depending on their activity in surfing websites, besides, it is advisable to teach your downline how they benefit from the company along with answering their questions if they ask you because these actions are playing big role in boosting your credibility, in other words, people will trust you if you care about them.

    How To Receive Payments From EasyHits4U.com?
    Currently, you can withdraw your earnings in EasyHits4U through the SolidTrustPay system.

    Remember that you need to earn a minimum of 3 USD before requesting a payment there.

    Payouts are normally done within 5-10 days after a request has been placed.

■ Is EasyHits4U Free to join and work ?
Yes, it is absolutely free to join and work and you can upgrade your account at any time you want for getting more features and benefits.

■ Is EasyHits4U.com Scam or Legit?
Regarding if Easyhits4u a scam or legit, I think this traffic program is reliable because it is still a popular platform for lots of marketers around the world, besides, I earned some direct referrals through it along with receiving few payments, but in return I have noticed that many payment processors has been deleted from this company in which this thing may provide some doubts on it. So, generally, the site is good for those who are searching for getting sign-ups for their business.
Please, share with us your personal experience in the comments section of this page.

To join me at EasyHits4U, Click on the banner below to SignUp

Special Support : Upon joining me, you will be eligible to receive one of the following bonuses : credits, text ads, banner ads and even cash for each time you purchase the easy splash builder and easy rotator service. Remember also that I am going to support you in answering any question you might have at EasyHits4U.com.

Thank you for reading my article regarding what is EasyHits4U about and how it works. Here if you have any opinion or question, please add your comments below, your feedback means a lot to me.

4 Replies to “EasyHits4U Review – Current State”

  1. Thanks so much for this excellent review. I was looking into some of these add sites. Not all of them seemed legit, so I made sure I was cautious before signing up for any of them. I would hate to get scammed. I’m so glad you made this review. It is actually very helpful, and I know that I can use this. I’ll need this information some time in the future.

    1. It is my pleasure to give my visitors some helpful information.
      You are right, we should be aware of when we think about joining untrustworthy programs or when considering a new opportunity in order to protect ourselves from scams as possible.
      In fact, I would like to thank YOU for reminding me this important point so I could publish an article regarding this subject in the future.

      By the way, If you get tired in finding legit and trusted money-making sites, I will suggest you try Wealthy Affiliate for free, as I have found it worth to be a primary online career for any money seeker.
      Let me know if you need anything else.

  2. I had never heard of EasyHits4U before today, It sounds like a really cool way to make an extra couple of bucks on the side with the web surfing feature and also an interesting way to get more traffic with the exchange traffic feature

    I’m definitely going to think about signing up now

    Thanks for the very interesting article !

    1. You are welcome Finn 🙂 and thank YOU as to make me know that my article was very interesting to you! I’m glad to hear that.

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