eBook Review: Color Tips, by Jahn A

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E-book review - Color Tips - Understanding The Effects Of Colors In Sales And Marketing
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Book Title:  Color Tips – Understanding The Effects Of Colors In Sales And Marketing
Number of pages:  62
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Written by:  Jahn A
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My Conclusions After Purchasing and Reading The Book:

The Index/main paragraphs:

  • The Importance of colors for online sales
  • Types of colors
  • Color wheel
  • Choosing colors
  • Colors and physiological aspects
  • Colors and Internet marketing
  • Color theory
  • Color scheme
  • Cool colors
  • Colors for websites
  • Tips for proper use of color in ecommerce

 In my opinion, the book is somewhat good and target to benefit those who are looking for establishing a venture, making a brand, and who have already built a website.

I have read valuable information such as choosing the appropriate text and background colors when writing a content, understanding how people feel upon seeing specific colors, tips to attract visitors, etc.

Although that I do not believe in the color theory 100%, it could be fully true and useful.

The e-book contents are full of black texts with a white background, there is no images or other types of media files except for a single photo on the first page.

The author is not famous, however, sometimes unknown writers provide great messages.

My Personal Rating: ★★✮☆☆

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