Explanation About The Advertising Options In PTCs

If you are already working in PTC websites or want to advertise there immediately, then it is preferred at first to understand their advertising services well before you start buying their packages.

Why is it important to take an overview about that?
It is simply, because that step will lead you to the following results:

  • You will realize which type of advertising deals are better and appropriate one for you.
  • You will save some money, for example, if you have no idea how the Pay To Click advertising toolkit work, then you could buy all the packages provided, therefore, losing lots of cash on some useless ones.

So, in this post, I am going to give you a simple description of each PTC advertising pack along with showing you some screen-shots in order to make it more clear for you.

Explanation About The Advertising Options In PTCs

Fixed Advertisements

Purchasing this service makes your ad appears at the “View Ads” section where most of visitors could be clicking and watching it. The fixed advertisement will be visible for every visitor until the allotted time period for it finish.

Example of fixed ads on PTC programs

The great thing is that there is no limit for how many of the views your fixed ad will receive during the time period you choose for it ( days or hours ) comparing to the paid to click ads.

Paid To Click Ads

It works as well as the fixed advertisements option except it depends on the limit of viewings. For example, buying a 100 paid to click credits grant you 100 unique visit in return and so on.
However, the amount of visits will decrease upon extending the time duration of your ad

Paid To Sign Up Offers

A mini tasks offered by you to those PTC members (Pay members for completing your tasks).
All what you have to do is just to provide them micro jobs such as joining your network, downloading your apps, investing in products,…etc.

Generally, the result you want depends on what you have filled on your ad content to them


Usually, at every PTC company, you can find a grid incorporated with a background like this:

These small squares is where the members of a PTC site are going to click in order to earn prizes from their business, upon they click any square, an advertiser’s ad/page will be opening up to them for specific seconds and the PTC company will start awarding them once they watch that ad/page until the time of it runs out.

Login Ads

Members will see your banners directly after they log in.

Login ads example on PTCs
Banner Ads

This service let your banner displays at each page visited by anyone there.

Traffic Exchange Ads

At some PTCs, members are allowable to surf advertisers websites for specific seconds in order to receive free advertising credits as well as when you work in any traffic exchange program. You can share your ad there for low costs.

Featured Text & Links Ads

There are two kinds of featured ads available on PTC platforms ⇒ Texts and Links.
Those featured adverts can be seen below every PTC page as you can see in the following image:

What is the difference between them?

Featured Text Ad is a text advertisement impression plus a few words that describe your ad title, this option can be setting up depending on the number of credits purchased while Featured Links Ad is considered a fixed text advertisement where you can setup your one by the days ( Rental days) and this option allows you to get unlimited impressions and clicks for as long as you set your text ad to run.

Special Package

A combination of the advertising options plus some of membership features, for instance, getting 900 banner ad credits + 300 paid to click credits + Upgrading account + 7 direct referrals.

You will be eligible to purchase the special pack when you complete your signing up as it has been offered for PTC members only

One more thing I like to share it with you!

There are some important points you need to keep in mind before you advertise on a PTC site:

  1. Checkout the site activity.
    There is a relationship between PTCs activity and investing results, the higher activity rate that a PTC has, the better marketing results that advertisers will get.
    In order to know if a PTC site is considered an active, the best sign is to check the number of adverts available there specially those in the “View Ads” section, because, In general, PTC members will likely stop viewing the ads provided if they notice a few amount of them such as 6 or 5 due to the little income they will earn in that case.
  2. Does your ad look attractive?
    Your ad content plays a big role in bringing sales and signups for you! Try to check if your ad solves a problem, provides a unique service, contains offers such as discounts or free gifts,..etc. You can discuss with me about this point by leaving your comment below.

Thanks for reading my article regarding how PTC advertising tools work and how to deal with it.

I would like to know your opinion!

Have you tried one or all of those promoting tools?
And which of them you think it is the best or popular for you?

Feel free to add your comment below.

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