How to Build and Own a Website Fast?

Building and Hosting websites step by step

In this article, I will be guiding you how to create and own a website in mere minutes or less.

I updated my guide several times just to make it more easy to follow as possible for you. However, if you get stick with any point, please do not hesitate to ask for help by sharing your issue in the comments section at below this page.

How to Build and Own a Website Fast and Easily?

This can be done by completing a simple four steps:

Step 1:
Visit a Web Hosting Provider

There are several web hosting providers available nowadays, here are some of the great ones, you can start visiting each one of them by clicking the following logos:

wealthy affiliate logo site123 logo hostgator logo
bluehost logo godaddy logo weebly logo
Disclose / We would like to inform you that those web hosting logos contain our affiliate links which means we get commissions for purchases made through the links inserted, for example, if you click the logo of HostGator and purchase something there, we will earn a commission as a bonus for promoting HostGator and same for other web hosting companies mentioned above.

Why I have guided you at first to visit a website hosting company?

Ok, today, most if not all websites hosting companies contain ALL the services that you need in order to get your website up and running, they also let you pick between building a free web-site or paid one along with getting many features such as securing your website, making it multilingual, publishing unlimited products, and more depending on their special hosting services.
Moreover, hosting your website is very necessary as to make it accessible via the Internet!

Step 2:
Select a Hosting Plan/Price

When you visit any web hosting company, you will find a page specialized in hosting websites, to show you an example, take a look for this image:

Web Hosting Plans
Example of web hosting plans

Just make sure that you select a plan which can fit your budget and needs, for instance, if you want to build a website that is considered a products store such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, etc, then, you have to choose a plan that provides you at least an “e-commerce” support in order to make it prepared for receiving payments from consumers purchases as well as make it display shipping prices in real time to your customers during checkout, and so on.

Step 3:
Enter The Data Required

Upon selecting a web hosting plan, the company that you chose to host your website will usually redirect you to sign-up in its program by entering the important information such as your full name, email address, and a password along with registering a name for your website ( Domain Name).

Step 4:
Choose A Design

How to create a website in mere minutes?

Finally, the hosting company will give you the option to choose your website design from a lot of prefab templates/themes including the free and paid ones. Just pick the design that you prefer.



That is what you have to do in order to build and own a website quickly!
Do know that when your website get built, you are able to customize it whenever you want.

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