Is The Best PTC Site or The Biggest Scam In PTC History? – My Neobux Review – A Questionable Paid-To-Click Website

Last Update ( 23/March/2020)

Disclose/ This article expresses my personal point of view
based on my experience that I have had with a PTC company named Neobux.
I would be grateful if you correct me in case you notice some mistakes
in the information provided about the company in this post.
Also, there is no affiliate links related to Neobux in this page
because I no longer work there.

After working at for several years with being cautious of violating its terms of service, Neobux has suspended my account without telling me the reason along with preventing me to send support tickets!

Hmmm, well, this event is enough for me to stay away from that environment!
However, I will be appreciated if the Neobux owner gives me the reason so me and readers can realize it.

By the way,
the moment when an online business deletes or suspends users accounts without mentioning a reason and without providing them a way for contacting the support team is considered a sign of scam!
Aside of this important signal, there are other signs which make me consider Neobux as untrustworthy business model, the following are examples:

?️ When you search for reviews and articles about Neobux on the web, you will likely find low ratings or complaints on the site in which it gives us an impression that the company has some problems with its former users.

Based on my research, I think the three main issues which face many of Neobux members are the results of rental system, the way that sometimes Neobux behaves with its affiliates (especially in the forum), and the difficulty of gaining reasonable revenue from it.

However, we must mention that there are lots of payment proofs available there, and this could make some folks trust on Neobux directly, but, remember that in case of being a company pays does not mean it is completely reliable or legitimate, because it could paid selectively for example!

?️ Neobux claims that all the referrals who can be obtained from its renting system are real people, while the common info which many PTC users realize is that the rented referrals are fake (we can call them bots!), and in simple terms, their activity in clicks are managed by PTC admins! I have a proof about this particular in this post.

?️ Neobux will suspend its members’ accounts temporarily WITH reset their earnings to zero if they do not log in for 30 days!

So, whatever how much you are going to earn in Neobux, it can be removed immediately in case you decide to take a rest for a month or if you forget to log in within that certain period. Of course, there is no single affiliate or member like this term because no one is willing to see his efforts and accomplishments evaporate for unreasonable reasons or easily!

It is noteworthy to mention that suspending or deleting affiliates’ accounts due to their inactivity in logging in within short periods of time is a possible indicator of fraud!

—My Conclusion—

The current status of Neobux is suspecious
(if not just another PTC scam site or a smartest one in scamming PTC fans!),
hence, I will not suggest you to join Neobux, and sure, I am not going to think about re-joining the company except in case of it is becoming managed by a trusted and well-known person with having a friendly support staff.

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Note / Below is my old review of

Wealthy Marketers Overview
Neobux Review - What Is Neobux About?● Company’s Name—  Neobux
● Introduced Since—  March 25th 2008
● Website Owner—  Fernando
● The Joining Price—  Free
● HTTPS Secuirty—  Available
● Payment Options—  AirTM, Neteller, and Skrill

Understanding What Neobux Is About
Neobux is a PTC ( Paid To Click ) + Surveys Platform where members can promote their ads or web-pages besides the possibility to make money online by
watching advertisements, taking marketing surveys, completing mini jobs, playing online games, and recruiting others.

Website URL ⇒

How to benefit from

If you have a specific advertising purpose, you can advertise in Neobux and keep your ads displayed on its platform for a certain duration ( hours, days, months, or years) based on your selection.

There is a plenty of ways to generate revenue with Neobux, and here is a simple explanation of them:

  • Viewing Advertisements $

    This option is the quickest and easiest way to earn money at because all what you need to do there is to click an advertisement box and then watch its content for a short period of time ranging from 5 seconds to 1 minute.

    Neobux Review

    In the advertisements page, you will likely find different types of ads exposures, they are almost five ones and vary in some factors as mentioned in the following table:

    Ad Type Time period
    Earning per click
    Fixed Ads 5 Seconds $0.001
    Micro Ads 5 Seconds $0.001
    Mini Ads 15 Seconds $0.005
    Standard Ads 30 Seconds $0.01
    Extended Ads 60 Seconds $0.015

    Besides, It is noteworthy to mention that the quantity of adverts as well as your earnings per click will increase depending on your membership type ⇓
    ( Standard – Golden – Emerald – Sapphire – Platinum – Diamond – Ultimate )

    The image below clarifies how much you can make for each ad you watch based on the types of both your membership and the exposed advertisement:

    Neobux Review

    However, the free type ‘Standard‘ is undoubtedly the right choice for starters or those who can not afford to invest in upgrades.

    During the time in which you are watching the ads at, you could find interesting opportunities, I just want to inform you that not all the advertisements are reliable or trustworthy, so be careful.
    If you like to try a new Internet business or service and want to test its credibility at first, it is advisable at least to find out the accurate reviews which can describe its state correctly, if any, or you can directly take my consultation regarding being the new business which caught your attention is considered scam or legit by sharing your question in the comments section below.

  • AdPrize $

    Each time you view an advert in Neobux, you will end up getting cents, points, plus a number of chances on AdPrize system with a limited time to use those chances for winning additional prizes.

    AdPrize can be found at the “View Advertisements” page, just click on the number shown on the blue button, watch a new ad page until its timer ends, and then you might win a prize! That is it. The prize could be cash or points or a free golden membership.

    Neobux AdPrize system

  • Completing Mini Jobs $

    With this making money option, you will get paid by performing a variety of tasks such as categorizing posts, answering questions, drawing boxes on images, moderating contents, trying products, transcribing audios or any other task submitted by the TaskAuthor.

    Do know that Neobux entered into partnership with the Figure Eight Inc ( The mini jobs presenter ) in order to boost their business in several aspects. So, in case you decide to start working in completing mini jobs, you will need to create an account in Figure Eight through Neobux platform.

  • Completing Coin Offers $

    This option is approximately similar to Mini Jobs in regard to performing the tasks required, but instead of getting direct cash you will get coins after each successful offer completion. The coins can be defined as your Neobux currency in which you will be able to convert them into real money as soon as you have enough of them.

  • Completing Surveys $

    This service lets you earn cash rewards by sharing your opinions.
    If I want to simplify the concept:
    You get questions > You answer them honestly > Your work gets approval > You get paid.
    Simple as that.

  • Games $

    Making money from playing free online games is possible at
    Within the games section, you will find a collection of games sorted by category ( Arcade, Puzzles, Strategy, etc).

    If you are willing to try them, it is important firstly to realize the games rules and limits in case your desired outcome is to obtain the cash rewards. Besides, make sure if the Adobe Flash software is installed on your device and works well.

    The service may attract the gamers who generally love playing video games because they can use it for playing and winning cash whenever they want and without paying any fees. However, the game’s quality and how much the gamer can make money is also an efficient factor specially in regard to maintaining the player activity.

  • Referral Actions $

    Upon completing your registration in Neobux you will be given a special invitation link and it can be found easily inside the “Banners” section. The objective of this kind of links is to let you gain the Direct Referrals who are considered your key to maximize your income at Neobux.

    To get them, just copy the link and then promote it by using any marketing method you like, hence, anyone who joins Neobux through your invitation link, he/she will be signed as your direct referral there.

    Once you succeed in obtaining direct referrals you will have the chance to begin earning cash commissions according to their activity in performing some actions such as viewing an advert, completing a mini job, completing a Coins offer.

    So, In general, you get a commission for every ad viewed, and approved task by your referral. But, do know that In order to qualify the daily commissions, you will be forced to view a specific number of ads every day unless your upgrade pack supports the ‘Vacation Mode’ feature.

    In fact, there is an easier process to get referrals in Neobux and which can be applied across the Rented Referrals System. The system helps you rent referrals for low costs as well as helps you extend their rental expiration date as you wish. The positive aspect of this system is acquiring the refs immediately, and the negative one is > there is no profits guaranteed after renting them, so you may spend money for getting nothing in return!

    Some members say that you need to manage the rented referrals in a professional plan and there are many experiments you can find in Neoubx forum ( some members lost their money using this tool while others got satisfied results from it ), In any way, you have to decide what is best for you.

    For me, I advise you to care more about generating the active direct referrals because it does not require investments, plus it is the key to earn a great revenue for long-term in all PTC sites overall.

    How To Receive Payments From

    You can withdraw your earnings in Neobux by using the following electronic cashouts:

    • AirTM
    • Neteller
    • Skrill

    Those are the current payment methods in Neobux.

    Remember that the minimum value paid is $2 on the first cash out.
    This amount will increase by one dollar for each cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of ten dollars. After that, the minimum amount will always be $10.

■ What are points ?
Currently you earn points by :
● Viewing ads, you earn 1 point for each ad you view.
● Winning points in AdPrize.
For what can I use these points ?
Points can be used for :

● Golden membership, 30000 points = 1 year golden membership!
● Recycle or extend your rented referrals
● Increase your direct referrals limit, 500 points = increase the limit for 1 direct referral.

■ Is Neobux Free to Join ?
Yes, it’s free to join and work.
Besides, you can upgrade when you decide at any time you want.

■ Is Neobux Worth The Work and Effort?
This depends on the amount of active referrals that you have.
Briefly: the more active referrals who click or perform actions = the more commissions that you will generate.
This base can be applied on all kinds of PTCs, it is considered the major key to multiply your earnings from all PTC programs.

■ Is Neobux Scam or Legit?
Actually, what I have noticed about Neobux is that when you request a payment, they will pay you instantly or within few days. However, the company is doubtful for some users and I think the reason comes from its rented referrals system. Most of beginners start trying the system without understanding its potential risks, and after they lose their investment, they call Neobux a big scammer.

I would like to inform you that I was one of those users who lost a lot of investments in the rented referrals system in the hope of gaining a good income, but after reviewing the PTC programs well, specially the box model ones, I came up with this strategy :

As a member, the best way to deal with like this kind of PTCs is ⇒ to focus only on generating active direct referrals along with completing the free tasks provided such as viewing advertisements, completing offers, etc, further, I suggest you to avoid spending money in upgrading or renting refs because lots of users got a little in return (including myself), however, I could advise you to upgrade your account by converting the points in order to become a golden membership without investing any money from your pocket and it valid for one year, or upgrade your membership when your earnings is more than the price of upgrading. This is the safest strategy that you can rely on to earn good income along with avoiding losing any money.

So, regarding if Neobux legit or scam, actually, it seems legit because there are many payment proofs available in its forum, and at the same time, it seems scam due to the big amount of complains that comes from its previous members in which this event can leave a bad impression on Neobux.

In general, I will not propose you choose Neobux (or any PTC site) as your primary online career, because I believe that the chance to make satisfying monthly Income via PTC websites is rare. if not impossible!

Paid-To-Click websites can be useful in some cases such as the benefits mentioned Here.

Anyway, it is better for those people who seek big monthly income to work and build their projects in recommended environments, which provide its partners a sophisticated services and reasonable earning opportunities, for instance, see this business model.

Thanks for reading my Neobux review. Here, if you have any opinion or question about Neobux, you are free to add your comments below.

4 Replies to “Is The Best PTC Site or The Biggest Scam In PTC History? – My Neobux Review – A Questionable Paid-To-Click Website”

  1. Hello there
    Thanks for sharing your tips and an inside review on NeoBux, I have seen several NeoBux online for the last 8 years(when I first got started online)after reading how money is made(or not made) on NeoBux and PTC as a whole, I ended up not joining NeoBux.
    Now reading your post, I can well understand how it`s possible to make money with active referrals than depending on clicking alone.
    Now so many people join PTC sites and im wondering, is it still possible to find NeoBux referrals?as said, I have seen enough banners but not yet read in detail how the whole works and after reading your post, I`m really tempted to give it a try.
    The only negative I find is the amount to withdraw, clicking for pennies, I think cashing out at $2 is doable, but $10 seem almost impossible if one does not have enough referrals.
    Having said that, I can see a positive side of NeoBux, join to advertise other programs.
    Very informative,thanks so much for sharing

    1. Yeah, Gaining direct referrals in Neobux is hard because most of PTC users promote Neobux. So, there is a strong competition for that. But, the expert marketers are eligible to generate sign-ups in few days and I am working now to add many articles related to affiliate training on my website.
      Thank YOU Roamy for sharing your comment, I appreciate it.

  2. Hey man I just wanna say that I really enjoyed reading your article on neobux! A buddy of mine was referred to this program so I’d thought I’d check it out and you gave a really awesome and thorough review.
    With the extended ads, do they have to watch the entire video or can they just start the video and you get paid ?

    1. Thanks Gabe 🙂 In order to get paid by watching videos and ads you need to click on the advert and view it during the amount of time specified by the advertiser.

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