Let’s Explain What an Affiliate Link is

It is likely that you read the phrase “Affiliate Links” many times on my blog, meanwhile, you ask yourself what is the concept of this term?

By the end of this post, you will understand what affiliate links are all about.
Let’s begin

The Definition of Affiliate Links

Before we define the term, it is better to explain at first the word “Affiliate” in case you do not know its meaning.

Affiliate” is derived from the word “Affiliation” which means:
The act of becoming formally connected or joined.

From the term “Affiliate Links“, the word “Affiliate” refers to any person who
accepts to register on a website in order to benefit from its rewards systemQuick Note–The rewards system is usually called “Affiliate Program” or “Referral Program.

Now, what is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link can be simply defined as follows:

A web-page-address that directs users to a certain online service, contains the affiliate’s ID or username.

Other examples of affiliate links are below,
Click on the following URLs (my affiliate links) and see how they will direct you to certain online services–or products


Do know that the affiliate links can be inserted within texts and images such as the following ones, click on them and see how they will take you to the same web pages as what happened before because I inserted the same affiliate links:

An example of an affiliate link inserted into a text

Build a beautiful website
An example of an affiliate link inserted into an image

Who Creates the affiliate links and Why?

The affiliate links can be generated by those websites-owners who have something valuable to sell, those merchants create affiliate links for achieving marketing purposes via affiliates’ efforts.

If you do not own a product to sell and want to benefit from affiliate links, then you can use the affiliate links for marketing the products and services of others online in exchange for getting rewards (for instance, getting cash commissions on sales).

To be an “Affiliate” and get affiliate links, you need to join an online business that set-up something named “Affiliate Program” or “Referral Program”.

After joining, you will be given unique affiliate links, the links will contain something related to your membership such as your username or a special ID number so that you can make sure the links are yours when you plan to use them in promotion, also, it can help the affiliate-links-maker checks and knows which of the joined affiliates is qualified for the reward when someone of them succeeds in completing a specific task such as making a sale.

By now, I hope you found this post helpful and made you realize the important information about affiliate links, feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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