Messages to Color Your Life

I have been still passionate about writing down and receiving the wonderful sayings quoted whether from known or unknown people, it motivates me, removes negative perceptions, and helps me discover more secrets in this life.

In fact, the valuable saying (whether it is called aphorism or wisdom or proverb, etc.) plays an important role in changing the way we think about difficulties and challenges which we face in this life, so that we can make the right decisions consciously and without hesitation.

For this, I have listed what has been collected of beautiful phrases in one subject hoping that every reader would get benefit from it.

I Suggest taking a cup of coffee or tea while reading


  Every great thing that we see in life was started with a small idea.

  There’s always a better way to do something
You should always try to find it.

  One of the greatest pleasures of life is to accomplish something that others said: “It is impossible”.

  At school, we learn lessons and then have exams, but in real life we have the exams then we learn lessons.

  You will be told that you will not be able to do it, you will hear whispers questioning your talents, and you will see gazes of hatred and irony. Do not step back, for this is what happened to the great people, it is a sign of their superiority and success.

  Do not ignite a fire that you can’t put it out.

  Successful people say: let’s find a solution to this problem.
While the losers say: there is no solution to this problem.

  The coward may find 99 solutions to his problem, but he likes only one solution which is to escape.

  Do not let your day pass without achievement that enhances your development, and the growth of your personality even if it is simple. Make it as a part of your thinking to find yourself embroidering your newspaper with an amazing list of achievements.

  Opportunity’s train passes on all stations, but it does not force anyone to get in.

  The phrase ‘I have to do something’ is more useful in facing the challenges than ‘Something must happen’

  How to improve your own perspective ?
• Accept praise and thank who praise you
• Praise others, and look for the points of their beauty
• Always speak well about yourself
• Reward yourself when you do something good

  History never mentioned that anyone drowned in the sea of his forehead’s sweat, but he swam to safety zone.

  Working means that you get the sustenance of your day but to be creative in your work, it means that you get more than the sustenance of your day.

  Optimism makes it easier for you to achieve what you want in your life. Optimists always have a tendency to take advantages of their mistakes, and to make failure a path to success.

  Successful medicine may has a bitter taste, but it is very useful in treatment process as well as the advice that it is annoying to the ear, but useful for human.

  Some of success habits:
to provide important things, but not urgent on the unimportant or urgent things. to control your time based on your goals and your message in life not based on the pressure of others, mood and passion

  The self-seclusion makes us listen to the greatest voice within us, which is the voice of wisdom, learn to respect the loneliness and yourself. Have a time for yourself to read, to have a cup of coffee or to have a walk.

  Behave freely, no matter how much you think you are restricted by people, circumstances or possibilities, and you will be amazed at how quickly your restrictions are dissolved.

  Beware of overestimating the experiences of others, marginalizing or underestimating your achievements, and beware of comparing the best of others with the worst of yours. You should be fully confident that when you try to develop your abilities and enhance your experiences, you will be a distinguished person and worthy of respect.

  I will persevere until I succeed. I will take one step and follow it with another. If I do not succeed, I will feed the footsteps and continue the journey. The few steps constitute the distances, and the small continuous work completes any project.

  All great works were accomplished in ants way, little by little.

  With every new dawn, you still have a chance to change and still have time to change.


2 Replies to “Messages to Color Your Life”

  1. Hello Acell,
    I really enjoyed reading your article a lot. It makes me very enthusiastic to face all the obstacles in this life. We really need to read this article to color our lives.
    I liked this saying the best: One of the greatest pleasures of life is to accomplish something that others said: “It is impossible”.
    Have a great day!

    1. Hello Rania Masaeed,
      I’m so glad you found this article helpful!
      I sometimes think about adding more motivational messages.

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