Review of Wordlinx – Current State Overview
Wordlinx review● Company’s Name—  Wordlinx
● Introduced Since— October 2003
● Website Owner— Richard Sturdy, he also owns Prize5
● The Joining Price Free
● HTTPS Security— Available
● Payment Options— PayPal

Understanding What  Wordlinx Is About
We can describe Wordlinx as a Paid To Click (PTC) + Surveys + Paid To Promote (PTP) Site where members can promote their ads or web pages besides the possibility to get rewarded for completing a variety of tasks such as completing paid surveys and offers, promoting special links, browsing others websites, and recruiting others. is owned and operated by a registered company ( Rogue Media Ltd ), unlike many other Internet ventures where the owners can easily pick up and run.
Wordlinx accepts all countries around the world and it is suitable for all beginner and expert users.

Website URL ⇒

Details About The Making Money Process

After registration, you will notice the “Rewards” section which is where you can find all the methods you need to earn money there, and here I am going to explain it step by step:

$ Completing Surveys & Offers
These Surveys and Offers are submitted by the advertisers and they are going to pay you once you follow their instructions, for instance, answering questions, installing apps, playing games, registering, shopping, subscriptions, etc.

Note / When you complete those micro jobs you will earn cash along with some points, therefore you can use the points earned to upgrade your account or to advertise for free. Also, you will be qualified for the daily double earning each day you complete 50 cents from surveys/offers.

Attention / Some advertisers may request you to enter your personal information like phone number, credit card info…etc. So, it is very important to read all the instructions well before participation.

$ Share Links
Promote anything you love through any Internet platform in order to earn share points at and then convert it into cash!

This process seems awesome and simple. If you are willing to try this service, firstly, you have to go to “Rewards” then “Share links” and there you will find a blank search bar, add any web page link that you think it is can be a good idea to share and then click on “Shorten

Your next step is to select a type link that you prefer. There are three types of them. The type link is the “wordlinx ad paired with your own affiliate link” and it is the initial page which will be shown to the visitors for a certain seconds before it redirects to the desired page.

After selecting a type link, click on “Save” and the final step is going to be copy & paste your own link onto any social networks such as forums, twitter, Instagram, google+, etc.
The type link allows you to earn share points along with gaining direct referrals at You get a new referral for every person who decided to register through it, plus you earn a share point for each unique visit.

$ Paid To Promote
Get paid by promoting wordlinx itself on traffic exchange sites or other kind of websites. Actually, you earn double share points for each valid visitor beside the possibility for getting new sign-ups to build your downline and boost your earnings potential as well.

$ Viewing Advertisements
This is the easiest method to start earning money within Wordlinx, but to be eligible to earn from this feature you need at least to upgrade your membership to the “Verified” type.

Simply, you will earn cents by watching others websites as well as when you view advertisements on any traffic exchange program.

Once you click on the “Traffic Exchange” option which can be found at the “Rewards” page, an ad will open in a special window, then you are required to wait for the page to load and watch the ad for specific seconds. When the timer reaches zero, you will need to select the similar icons, after this you are free to whether continue surfing ads or returning to your home page.

The free member ( Basic ) can earn points only and which can be exchanged into “Traffic Ad Credits” to use them in advertising with no cost while the upgraded are qualified to earn both points & cash from this service.

$ Referring People
Generating an active direct referrals is the main key that you need to have in order to earn good income at Refer your acquaintances to or convince anyone to join you through your special affiliate link.

The referral program will grant you cash commission for every referral who clicked & watched an advertisement, completed a survey or purchase a service at The program has a five level/tier of referrals, also there is no limit for how much you can earn at Wordlinx weather commissions or referrals.
Promotional ideas to promote your affiliate links in order to generate referrals and sales

How to Advertise Your Business on Wordlinx Network?
According to Wordlinx content, the company has a high quality, Geo-targeted advertising on shared links. If you are willing to become an advertiser there, you have to click on the “Advertise” option at first, then you should type your favorite URL in the search box. Choose the number of visitors that you prefer and the final requirement is going to be selecting “Create Campaign“.

After this process, the system will check your URL in order to make sure that your ad does not violate the terms & rules of Wordlinx. The start date depends on when your links are approved. Approvals normally take less than one hour but may take longer on weekends, holidays, during overnight hours and in the case that additional payment verification is required.

What is the difference between Clicks and Impressions?
Clicks are the number of people who will click and view your advert, full screen.
Impressions are the number of times that your text or banner ads will be displayed.

Can I join for free and which type of memberships are the best?
Yes, everyone can join & work there for free.
At there are 4 types of memberships and the best option for getting more features and benefits is when upgrading your account to “Super” membership. However, I suggest you to get started as a free member “Basic” until you collect good amount of active direct referrals then it will be advisable to upgrade in order to increase your earnings.

The image below mentions and clarifies the most important comparison between the three types of upgrades:

The great thing is that the company allows you to try all of these types without spending any money from your pocket or from your account balance
! So, instead of paying with your earnings, you can keep the profits you have earned and make even more!.

How to do that ?
You have two methods to unlock the free trial upgrades:
The first one is by completing enough surveys and offers, for more details:

  Verified – Complete at least $25 worth
  Pro – Complete at least $150 worth
  Super – Complete at least $250 worth
The second method is to buy them using your points. You can earn a lot of free points by completing surveys/offers, re-viewing PTC ads, reading the newsletter emails, sharing PTC adverts and surfing websites ( traffic exchange) .

How Do You Get Paid?
You can request payment when you have a PayPal account and once you reach a minimum $10 dollars in your Wordlinx account balance.

Is Scam or Legit?
Regarding if Wordlinx a scam or a legitimate opportunity, the site is one of the oldest PTCs that still pay their members and it seems a reliable, here is the recent payment proofs which I have found on their website:
wordlinx review
Also, I searched for several accurate reviews on the web in order to figure out if the company has deceived some members and I have found that there is no evidence which prove that Wordlinx scammed some users yet.

So, I will consider this business a legit, besides, it is currently a somewhat suitable one for those people who love to work with trustworthy companies in general.
However, I would like to know your opinion about this company, please, do not hesitate to share your personal experience in the comments section below.

To join me at WordLinx, Click on the banner below to SignUp

Thank you for reading my Wordlinx review, I hope it is clear and helpful. Here if you have any question or experience, you are free to add your comments below.

4 Replies to “Review of Wordlinx – Current State”

  1. This review has created another different impression in me about the PTC programs. I never thought that these methods you have listed here are anything to go by especially in making money online but in actual sense they do. I think Wordlinx is worth trying despite the fact that it doesn’t seem to offer a long-term way of earning residual income.

    The fact that I would choose to upgrade my membership without surrendering my credit card information is a thumb up and I would try it just to see how it goes. Now, would you recommend Wordlinx for a newbie? Is there any training modules first so that I would learn how exactly the program works? Is there support team or a community I would rely upon in case I require any help?

    1. Welcome Pmbaluka
      Besides Wordlinx is one of the most oldest PTC programs that still paying and trusted since launched, I have noticed that the owner of Wordlinx are always looking to improve it continuously unlike many other PTC sites and those are some reasons which I think can make Wordlinx stable for long-term. I can recommend Wordlinx currently for any person who want to use it for boosting an online income. But we must know that the member of Wordlinx will earn pennies if he/she don’t have a good amount of active direct referrals. Unfortunately, Wordlinx does not provide a video training for how to use their services although I have already mentioned the steps within my review above. However, providing a video training is an excellent idea and we hope they add this important feature soon. Also there is no live chat offered yet for getting instant answers to our issues, We can contact the support team by visiting their support center and forum or via twitter and Facebook.

  2. Hello Acell,
    I had a tour in your website. It’s well organised and the theme is carefully chosen. I like to join Wordlinx.. Could I join for free at the beginning then decide which level to choose?
    Wishing you all the best

    1. I’m glad to hear your kind words about my website. Thanks Rania 🙂
      Yup, Wordlinx is free to join and work.

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