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here I will talk briefly about Zing Network sites and their parent company CSI ( Carson Services, Inc ) based on my personal research and experience.

What I am going to cover here is:

  • Writing an overview of each one of those web-sites in turn.
  • Then in the end, I will give you my opinion about them in hope of helping you decide to utilize their services or not.
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OK, let us first answer the question of:
What Carson Services Inc is all about?

Carson Services, Inc

Carson Services, Inc (also known as CSI) is the parent company of Zing Networks and all of them are owned by Gery Carson. The company has been in operation since its launch in 1985 and was registered with Dun and Bradstreet.

The letters “Inc” in the business name stands for “incorporated”, which means, the company is considered a large one, and legally is a completely separate entity from the people who formed it. For more details about CSI, visit its link

Do note that Zing Network is built mainly for the porpose of grouping all the CSI properties ( SFI, TripleClicks, AstroAuction/Pricebenders, Eager Zebra, Rewardical, Localvantia, and Ecommergy ) under one roof.

Now, let’s see the important information about those properties and the importance of using each one of them.

About SFI
Introduced in 1998

SFI (also known as SFIMGStrong Future International Marketing Group) is an Affiliate Training Center + Referral Marketing where the registered affiliates get training and resources on how to promote the company and how to build followers using its products in order to make commissions on sales made by consumers or downline distributors.

SFI was started with just one product, sold only in the United States.
Now the company has grown and has more features and more than 9600 products and services sold in tons of countries around the world.

The Potential Benefits of Using
 Learning promotional ideas
Making money/passive income
Earning rewardicals⇒( the term is explained in the Rewardical paragraph)
Building a list of prospective customers
Learning how to manage a group of investors

About TripleClicks
Introduced in 2009 is an Affiliate Network + Online Games + Auctions where members can shop, sell products, play online games, and bid for winning items at cheap prices.

We can also describe the company as a huge electronic-commerce website powered by SFI.

And yes, Eager Zebra and Astro Auctions are divisions of TripleClicks store in which you can find them all together in one place.

The Potential Benefits of Using
Selling goods
Generating rewardicals
Winning hot-brand items on bids

About Rewardical
Introduced since October 31, 2017 Is a loyalty program where participants can earn digital tokens called “rewardicals” by completing a wide variety of tasks within Zing network sites. is the place where beneficiaries can convert the rewardicals into some valuable prizes such as cash and bitcoins.

The platform also can be used for gaining leads and prospects into the sales funnel by listing personal e-commerce websites.

The Potential Benefits of Using
Increasing sales by listing your online stores
Earning rewardicals
Converting the rewardicals earned into direct cash, bitcoins, TripleClicks gift cards, prestige domain(s), referrals in and other related prizes.

About Localvantia
Introduced on December 5, 2017 is a platform designed to serve both the local businesses owners and their customers. The customer obtains digital tokens each time he makes a purchase for a certain product or service from any local business registered in Localvantia.

The Potential Benefits of Using
Acquiring more buyers by listing your local markets.
Obtaining rewardicals while shopping on your favorite local merchants.

About ECommergy
Introduced on April 1, 2019 is a resource dedicated to helping entrepreneurs make the most from their e-commerce platforms.

Also, it aims to benefit small, locally-owned companies or any merchant who does not yet sell a service through a customized web-source.

The Potential Benefits of Using
Find solutions on how to get started in e-commerce world and how to expand your current electronic commerce efforts.
Making money on referral subscriptions.

Seems an interesting opportunity?
Let me tell you now what I like and what I dislike about CSI properties.

If I would like to start with the positive sides, they are a lot.
In addition to the potential benefits mentioned above:

It is possible to earn unlimited cash and rewardicals for free. No purchase requirements.

There is a chance to join and try all the 7 websites for free as well as access every one of them using a unified login data (a single user ID and password for all Zing sites).

The user can win valuable items on bids for lower prices or even without costs!

The Zing Networks are secure and safe to use, they all have a security certificate and it works well on all of their web-pages.

There are multiple payment options available for cashout.

There is an active forum in, and it lets you share your posts and opinions freely.

The CSI owner Gery Carson is known, and he participate in answering members’ questions and suggestions in the SFI platform.

Since CSI is an incorporated company, it means that it has filed all the necessary legal documents with that state and is operating as a corporation in the eyes of the government and the IRS, a company that is incorporated must follow all laws pertaining to corporations—according to Legalzoom.

Very well, now, on the other hand, there are some negative sides I found there:

The overwhelming amount of information inside SFI website. You will likely need a long period of time in order to fully understand how this business work.

Even though SFI differs from many MLM companies out there, the core strategy of SFI looks somewhat similar to those MLMs or businesses who use pyramid schemes!

To clarify what I mean, review the following screenshot:

Does not this look like a pyramid scheme? But without forcing you to buy something for achieving the executive affiliate—a membership upgrading

Page Source

At you might face some problems with your team if you motivate them to invest in something risky and which may cause them to lose money in the future! So you have to be careful when you find yourself willing to deal with them.

It is advisable to have a good experience or knowledge about referral programs and the business world in order not to be a cause of harassing your acquaintance or any individual or organization, as most of what Zing Networks are going to encourage you to do is to boost your earnings by referring people. as an affiliate network field seems not a known or an encourageable place for vendors around the world compared to its competitors in that industry. This can be noticed when we check the popular categories at TripleClicks store, most of the sold items are relating to SFI and other Zing sites!

The Eager Zebra games are not advanced, although some of them may educate the player in certain fields as well as grant prizes for winners, they lack many features and look boring for me.

Ok, that what I can cover regarding the pros and cons of CSI properties.

Now .. the most important question:

What about the status of Carson Services Inc who manages all Zing Network sitesIs it a Legit, Trustworthy, or a big Scammer

Based on what I have mentioned in my personal point of view, the company appears to be a true business, legal, and hard to be called a scam, especially for those who did not encounter a real problem with any of its services.

However, I am a bit skeptical about the company’s legitimacy.
What I must primary indicate to is the multi-level affiliate program that SFI set-up for allowing its upgraded members to earn cash commissions on several generations, it produces doubts due to its similarity with the pyramid plans!

Hence, I believe it is better for the SFI president to do radical changes or improvements regarding that partial or on what I have mentioned in the negative sides paragraph, this is good for him if he really aims for making his project trusted by lots of people from different countries.

My final conclusion about CSI:
The company is closer to reliability than fraud.
Good for expert marketers and entrepreneurs.
Not advisable for beginners who are new to referral marketing.


Do I Still Work in Zing Networks?
Yes. And to be more transparent, I am not currently looking for spending a financial investment or gaining profits there, but rather for generating rewardicals through the free services offered.

Disclose/ I will likely (if not definitely) embark on investing when I find the affiliate program of SFI become 100% un-similar to the pyramid style compensation plans that other companies use. Also, I could invest in case of needing to acquire more prospects along with boosting my rewardicals balance.

Now, have you decided to try Zing Network services?
And what you think about them?
Share your answer with us below.

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