The Concept of SEO in Simple Terms

You may come across the term of SEO several times while you seek money online or when you study business and marketing nowadays.

Before you ask: What is SEO? Let me tell you at first that the word “SEO” is the abbreviation of “Search Engine Optimization”, and by continue reading the post, you will easily understand what “Search Engine Optimization” is referring to.

Imagine you enter in Google search this word “Cat“,
you want to see something cute but you end up finding
results that has no relation to cats!–or finding misleading information! That is what will naturally happen
if there is no SEO.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines are always trying to give their user a better search experience, so they came up with the idea of SEO as a way to optimizing and ranking web-pages more effectively so that make the most appropriate contents which match the keywords—(any word or a phrase entered on a search engine) shown in the first results page as you can see in the image below:

And here, it is noteworthy to mention that regardless of who you are, and whatever the type of website or channel you are going to use to add a content on, when your content get ranked and optimized well by becoming shown in the SERP, the content will have a great chance of getting large amount of views by real people every day and without paying anything for that. For this reason, the SEO is considered a very effective aspect of any website’s success and it is invaluable traffic source to any marketer/promoter in general.

The Search Engine Optimization is Like Rules

Do know that the SEO is basically standards–or in other words, criteria. When a content-creator follows the criteria by applying the optimization requirements, the search engines will reward him/her by displaying the content created on their search results.

For example, Google gives a better rank for the web-pages who fastest in uploading؛ therefore, it is advisable to make sure that your web-page-post opens quickly to viewers. Another example, when you publish duplicate content, Google will give your post in that case a low rank in its search results, because generally, readers do not like to read the copied information. The reputation of publishers, the quality of media uploaded, and the audience interaction with the posts published are other examples of the standards–(SEO procedures) that Google search sets to improve its service for its users.

Now, what is the definition of SEO?
It is the processes by which a webpage-content is optimized to boost its visibility in search results, which in turn, help people find the best results, that relevant to what they type in search engines.
Note/ Do know that sometimes the word “SEO” refers to the sentence “Search Engine Optimizer” and it means, you ask-or-hire someone who is an expert in optimizing webpages for the goal of letting him/her performs the optimization needed for your commercial activity on the world wide web.

Excellent, seems now you understood what SEO exactly is, besides, you have now an idea about some important terms related to it such as the “SERP” and “Keywords”.

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