The Importance of Setting Goals and Having a Purpose in our Life

For certain reasons and circumstances, many people do not pay attention to
how much the goal setting is important for them.

So, as a valuable reminder, in this post, I will explain how the process of setting goals can benefit you in several aspects of your life as it happened to me!

Yes, the goal-setting process helped me in growing my knowledge and abilities greatly. I am now in a better state—optimistic, persistent, and satisfied. I focus on positives and face challenges, contrary to what I used to be in the past (approximately before reaching the age of 25), when I used to spend most of my time on entertainment activities without thinking about setting a goal of creating a lifestyle plan for my future.

“It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something”.


(Winston S. Churchill)

Lightings on the essence of our subject
Here are some lightings for exploring how much the importance of setting goals is:
In the first place, having a set of goals makes you live a meaningful life.
When you have a goal—(especially, when you have clear goals), you show that you do not feel lost in this life and there is a real value for your existence.
The goal-setting helps you determine the most important things that you exactly want in your life and directs your focus towards how to reach them.
It is a great beginning for mastering specific fields and skills, and building your self-confidence, as it motivates you to do actions, to involve in a journey of experiences.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”.

(Tony Robbins)

Now just consider the value of those lightings—(the benefits mentioned above), actually, they are big reasons for bringing satisfaction, happiness, and more of the desirable things!

Again, think about those benefits deeply and see how you can come up with additional useful things from setting goals! For instance, the motivation to understanding the life purpose, avoid wasting your time on useless habits, evaluating your capabilities on certain fields, inventing or producing something valuable,…etc. Wow!

Remember that talking about the importance of setting-goals may take a long time due to how much its benefits are broad. However, there are some certain instructions you have to follow in case you want to get the most from goal setting process.
But this is another subject.

In conclusion,
the process of goal setting is an essential factor in regard to developing ourselves and our environment too, in addition to this, it helps us keep going.

If I would like to abbreviate the subject, I would say that: Our need for goal setting is like our need for light which can save us from getting lost in darkness.

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….What? You say I did not talk about the second part of our post title: the importance of having a purpose!?

Oh!.. it seems I forgot it. Anywaythe purpose can be defined as:

A sublime goal, and often a life-term one. It is something great that you live for which can help you realize the meaning of life.

The purpose can be a non-financial goal that makes all
of your-goals-that-you-set lead you to achieve it! It can be also the desired result that you will see at the end or after death.

The purposes—(of course, you can have more than one purpose!) can be enough motives to think positive in times of adversity—for example, in case of encountering serious health problems or losing things you love.

Hence, having purposes is tremendously important,

and I recommend you to have at least one purpose (if you do not already have) sooner or later beside the other goals that you are willing to set.

-Quick Advice-
Divide your goals into
financial and non-financial goals
as an initial step.

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  1. I fully agree that setting goals will give people’s life meaning and purpose. After reading your article, I have come to the conclusion that I have done this unwittingly all my life. So, maybe a lot of other people are also doing this. Anyway, this blog will help the persons that don’t do it enormously. They might ask themselves now how they can pick their goals. Maybe a thought for your next blog?

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