The Requirements of Strengthening Any Password

In this post, I am going to talk about something related to online security, or, exactly, how to strengthen your password so that can help you add an excellent security layer for your personal accounts against cyber criminals attacks.

For your information, the malicious cyber threat actors are needing the passwords to be easy to crack, for this reason, you have to make your password strong, or in other words, you have to make it VERY strong because cybercriminals generally try to find new technologies to target victims.

How to Create a Very Strong Password?

We describe a password as strong when it becomes difficult to be guessed correctly by humans or programs. To ultimately make powerful passwords, you have to apply the following tips:

Use a Combination of Different Types of Characters:-

There are four character types you can use to form passwords:

⚪ Numbers, such as  12345
⚪ Upper-case letters, such as  ABCDE
⚪ Lower-case letters, such as  abcde
⚪ And special symbols, such as  #@&%÷

For each character type you use, will produce a strength to your password.
For example, the password ⇒ 123AB
is way stronger than this one ⇒ 12345

Because the first password is a combination of numbers (123) and capital letters (AB) while the second password is numeric (contains numbers only).

As you notice, the second password is not hard to guess by anyone, in fact, this example of passwords can be breakable in a short time and by average people!

So, using a mix of different types of characters is a necessary step in order to end up making somewhat unbreakable passwords. Here is an example of a password formed by all the character types:  123ABCabc@-%

Make The Characters of Your Password Random:-

Besides the importance of mixing the character types, it is important also to make them unordered! To clarify this point, the following password :


Is well-ordered, I mean, you can clearly see how the numbers are coming at first, then letters, until the symbols at the end. While this one :


is random, because we can notice how the numbers for example exist in two sides of the password (digits 1 and 2 on the left side, and digit 3 on the right side).

Actually, this method makes your password stronger and harder to break due to its complex structure.

Make Your Password Long:-

The length of a password depends on the number of its characters.
Yes, the strength of your password will increase each time you make your password longer. Creating your password using a minimum of twelve characters is currently a good choice, however, I would suggest you add more if possible.

In case some online services such as emails or online banking require you to register using a password that includes 8 or under 12 characters, I would recommend you to use the maximum length without hesitation. Below are examples of long passwords:

////99999qqs            12 characters
LLLllllCC÷÷÷÷÷÷             15 characters

How a Powerful Password
Should Look Like

OK, we have reached now that the tips mentioned above are the 3 requirements that we need to implement for strengthening any password.

If you are looking for examples of powerful passwords, take a look for these models:


As you can see their complex formula, is what will make spammers and hackers fail too much in regard to cracking users’ accounts. For this, I advise you to make your password meets all the three requirements ( long, random, and a mixture of different types of characters ) as possible as you can.

And always remember, the more you make your password stronger the more you make a cybercriminal lose his time and mostly stop trying.

Now,  maybe the only problem which you could face upon generating complex passwords is the forgetting topic. But, fortunately, there are some tricks and ideas which you can use to remember your complex password easily and without affecting its strength at the same time!
This is explained in another post. You can check it Here when you are ready to read it.

I propose you take a rest and leave a comment below if you have anything to say about any aspect of the strengthening passwords.

⚠️AttentionDo note that the passwords mentioned in this article are just examples. Do Not use any of them as a password for any of your accounts online.

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  1. Hello ACell,
    This is really a very informative and useful topic regarding this topic. I really benefit a lot from reading it. But how could we remember this strong password if it has different and random numbers, letters and symbols? I really do not prefer to add it to my notebook. I really prefer to memorize them. Thank you. I am looking forward for your next article.

    1. Hello Rania,
      Yeah, in general, memorizing the complicated passwords is hard, but, there are some solutions to this problem, and which I am going to mention them in the next post. By the way, writing down our passwords on a notebook can be an excellent idea in case we use it in a proper way!

      Unfortunately, I am thinking to publish the next article after some weeks because I have planned to do some important updates on my website in this month. However, I could publish the article soon if I see more comments here so that I make sure it is an urgent content.

    2. Do you know? Because you are the most active visitor on my website, I will try to publish the post within this month.

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