Things You May Need To Know About Paid-To-Click Websites

Things you may need to know about PTC sites

In this article, I will mention everything related to Paid-To-Click (PTC) sites based on the practical experience that I have had on these websites since January 2016.

Sharing our experiences and opinions on this type of business may increase our knowledge of it, and therefore deal with it appropiately, so I wrote this article hoping that it will help you in this aspect.

My Experience in Working with Paid-To-Click Companies

  The PTC system works like this:
A PTC site offers Ads packs for advertisers
The advertiser buys an Ad pack for displaying his/her AD on the PTC platform
The member who joins the PTC site make money by watching the advertiser’s Ads.

  Working in PTCs does not require special skills in which any Internet user can make money with them easily and quickly. Just imagine this:
You choose an advert, you watch it for specific seconds, then you earn cash immediately!

  Generally, the amount of signups and sales that you could generate from advertising in PTCs is probably high, especially if your ad is talking about making money online or financial stuff because many of PTC members are looking for earning revenue by any possible way.
However, professional advertising depends on more factors, so, do not rely only on the factor I mentioned.

  The higher activity rate that a PTC site has, the better investing results that advertisers may get.

  Sometimes, you can simply figure out if a PTC website is active or not by checking the number of advertisements available in its “View Ads” section. In general, The non-active one contains less than 7 adverts.

  The members of PTC will likely stop viewing the ads provided if they notice a few amounts of them such as six or five ones due to the little income they are going to earn in that case.

  Without advertisers, PTC sites are useless!

  Paid-To-Click websites can be built from scratch by yourself or in a short time via PTC builders.

  The PTC business is a popular choice for those who are new to the Make-Money-Online field because it provides them the fastest and easiest way to make real money through the Internet. Unfortunately, some folks exploit that positive aspect for achieving their bad goals!
To give you an example, many of PTC owners nowadays motivate their members to work and do purchases just to scam them at the end by closing their projects after gaining a good amount of money from the members’ investments.

  At the main advertisements page in every PTC site, when you notice an ads group named “Sponsored Ads“, this means that the ads were advertised by a PTC admin.

  Make sure that the PTC administrators are not responsible for being the adverts content is deceitful or legit. They will likely remove the adult ads or any malicious content which could harm user devices.

  Do not be surprised when you encounter scams in PTC sites because many if not 95% of them are managed by scammers or beginners.

  Internet fraud tarnished the image of the PTC industry. Therefore, PayPal decided to stop dealing with most if not all Paid-To-Click models starting from the year of 2017.

  Every PTC member will be given a special affiliate link, hence, the member uses it for receiving new sign-ups named “Direct Referrals“.

  In PTCs, the Direct Referral (DR) is any person who signs-up in a PTC company through a member’s affiliate link.

  If you succeed in getting a referral by promoting your special affiliate link, you will be able to earn a commission each time he or she views an advert or purchase something in the same Paid-To-Click company you join. But remember that some PTC companies oblige you to view a specific number of ads in case you want to qualify for the referrals commissions.

  Some PTCs let you sell referrals.
Sounds not good?

  In most cases, the newcomers to PTC sites fall into a common mistake، which is, when they advertise their referral links in the same place where they get the links from!
To clarify it, you will waste your financial investment if you advertise your Optimalbux affiliate link (for example) in the Optimalbux platform itself! Because doing that will make your affiliate link receives visitors who are already registered members.

  In each PTC site you will likely find a service specialized in both renting and buying referrals for you. Before you can rent or buy referrals, you need to have enough cash in your rental or purchase balance there.

  There are some differences between the rented referral (RR) and the direct one (DR). The referrals which you can get them from renting will help you earn a commission from their clicks on ads only, besides, they have a rental expiration date and you will be able to extend the period or recycle the non-active one of them with cost, while those referrals which can be obtained from promoting your affiliate link or directly from purchase processes will likely give you a commission from both their clicks and purchases, in addition to this, the Direct Refs can be yours for the life of the company you join, however, some companies are going to remove your direct referrals if they do not log in for a long time.

  You might be shocked if I tell you that the rented referrals in Paid To Click websites are 90% (if not 100%) bots! In other words, they are not real people in general.
Maybe the best sign/proof to confirm this info is to check what PTC builders are saying about the RR system! Here is a screenshot from my phone and which proves how PTC admins have the ability to control the activity of rented referrals:

You may ask: why you mentioned the percentage of 90?
Do PTC sites sometimes introduce non-fake referrals into the rental systems?

Actually, it is possible, we shall expect that some PTC sites MAY let you rent real members or a mixture of bots and humans as referrals, BUT, in my opinion, and regardless the proof source above, it is still hard to believe that PTC websites rent you non-questionable users due to important things which can be usually noticed there, for example:

?️ The moment when every member can rent refs at any time.

If you notice that the PTC website you join gives you always a chance to rent referrals every 24-hour, this will leave an impression that the site is using a referral bots system!
To make things into perspective, let’s suppose there are 20000 members in a PTC site and each one of them has the possibility of renting at least 3 referrals, okay, if every member rents 3 refs, this will lead to exceeding the actual number of registered members!

Have you calculated it?
The total rented referrals are going to be 60000, twenty thousand of them -which is the correct number of registered affiliates- will rent each other, and logically, the remaining referrals -40000- are going to be added as unknowns members or unreal accounts!

By the way, the status of rental service will be in doubt more if a member can rent a big amount of refs (for instance, hundreds of referrals) whenever he/she wants to.

?️ The clicks rate

The other thing which can be used as a criterion to know if a PTC website introduces bots into the rental system or not is to check the pattern of click resulting from rented referrals activity, according to the former members of Paid-To-Click sites, they noticed similar click values from their rented refs in many cases, and this somewhat indicates how rented referrals activities are questionable and can be controlled by admin’s management.

 Make sure that in some PTCs, you will lose your commissions earned from rented referrals instantly when their rental duration expires!

  Obtaining the active direct referrals who will click and view ads like you in a daily basis or continuously is the golden key that you need to have in order to increase your earnings well in any PTC company.

  Finally, it is rare to find a trustworthy Paid-To-Click platform, hence, to protect yourself from scams, there are a lot of signs which can help you discover if a PTC company is considered a scam, below are the most important ones:
Caution iconGiving you high earning per ad-click, for instance, $0.5 or 1 dollar. Usually, the reputable PTC companies provide you a maximum of 0.2 cents for each ad you view.
Caution iconForces you to upgrade your account before you cash out.
Caution iconThe admin/team support never answer questions.
Caution iconThe site has no forum. Forums help members checkout the latest news, payment proofs, etc.
Caution iconThe site does not contain SSL security.
Caution iconThe site appearance does not look unique/professional

Thanks for reading my article, I wish it is useful for you.
By the way, what are your thoughts about PTC websites?

Do you find it an interesting online opportunity?
How is your experience in this type of business?
Have you succeeded in gaining a satisfying source of income via PTC sites?
Did I forget to mention something important about PTC companies and which you hope it should have been added in this article?
Please, express your opinion freely via the comments section below.


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