Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links

How and Where To Promote Your Affiliate Links In Order To Generate Unlimited Sales or Sign-Ups Referrals?

Hello dear reader, before you start reading the upcoming promotional methods, I would like to inform you that I have published this post for those

√  People who joined affiliate networks such as Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, etc, or any affiliate program in order to make money by selling others products.
√  And for those affiliates who work in companies that use a network marketing technique or the referral marketing in order to multiply their earnings by referring others.

Upon participating in any type of these businesses, you will likely named as affiliate and you will begin working as a publisher for their products and services.

The company that you choose to work with will automatically offer you a special URLs which called affiliate links (also known as referral-or-invitation links). In fact, your affiliate links are products or services web pages and your goal is to publish it for people in hopes of generating a sale agreement or commission (cash).

Usually, members in affiliate networks can use their special affiliate links to generate sales only, while those members in companies that rely often on referral marketing can use their special affiliate links to make sales and signup referrals as well.

Anyway, If you are currently working at least at one of those types of business, then you are in the right place! Because this page will give you a variety of good marketing/advertising ideas including the most effective and useful one.

Disclose / Do know that this article is not about how to convince someone to buy a product or service. It is simply how to promote your affiliate URL in hope of gaining a sale or getting a sign-up referral. Also, this page contains some of our affiliate links which means we get commissions on purchases made through links in this post.

— Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links —

1- Tell Others   (Free Option)

This worldwide marketing method is also known as Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM, for abbreviation) and It is considered the oldest, easiest and fastest way to promote any stuff, suitable for everyone, no high skills needed and can be used anywhere, anytime.

The process is just to tell a person you like about a product/service that he or she needs directly. The targeted individuals you are going to invite can be your acquaintances or simply anyone you meet.

As an affiliate in amazon.com for example, it is very important to show your targeted individuals at first all the important information relevant to the product they are looking for, then, if they agree to purchase it, send them your affiliate link of that product and let them click on it in order to redirect them to the product purchase page. Once the person you invite buys that product you will earn revenue $.

It is the same for those workers in referral marketing opportunities, if you want to make direct referrals, firstly show like-minded-people your personal experience along with mentioning the positive and negative aspects of that business you joined, if he or she agrees to try it or to work with you, then let him or her signs-up upon clicking your referral link.

2- Traffic Exchange Programs  (Free/Paid Option)

Receiving visits to our invitation links made easy with traffic exchange networks!
If you want to receive unlimited free visits to your special links depending on your clicks and browsing others websites, well, traffic exchanges is your choice.

The traffic exchange sites will credit you a real visitor to your ad for every ad you visit.
I will simplify the process for you by this example:
I visit your web page for specific seconds, you visit my web page for specific seconds.
That is how traffic exchange programs serve you as a member and this is a totally free marketing method.

However, there is a paid service offered for those marketers who have no enough time to surf adverts manually, so they can purchase credits (visitors) in order to receive them immediately.

How to publish your affiliate links in traffic exchanges?
It is simple, just join a traffic exchange site, choose the promotion section, add your affiliate link information, then you will likely find the ‘surf’ tab, click on it in order to start surfing web sites as many as you like.
Some of the best free traffic exchange sites currently:

3- Advertise on PTC Platforms  (Paid Option)

Pay To Click sites (PTC) are advertising platforms where marketers can share their ads on.
In fact, PTC sites are also considered a business model where members are eligible to earn money by completing a variety of tasks, PTC owners will pay their members for clicking and viewing the advertisements which are coming up from the participants in advertising.

Ads on PTC programs can be shown in different forms and types such as videos, grid, banners, text, PTSU offers, log in, vacation days…etc. Actually, most if not all of those adverts on PTCs contain affiliate links!

Yes, lots of advertisers promoting their special affiliate URLs in PTCs, and for sure, you can be an advertiser and share your ones too : ) But do note that all the advertising services provided there will cost you money. However, if you are a PTC member and have a good amount of cash, then you can invest from your account balance directly, this strategy is not easy to perform but it helps you promote without spending any money from your pocket.

How to advertise on PTC sites?
Upon visiting any PTC home page, you will likely find the ‘Advertise‘ tab, just click on it and then choose the kind of advertising you prefer. Some of PTC companies let you advertise without registration needed while others force you to register at first.

Here is a list for some of active and famous PTC sites and where you can advertise your referral links on:

Note / When you decide to advertise on a PTC site, we advise you to check at first the number of ads available there, because most of PTC members will stop clicking or watching the advertisements if they notice a few ads in the advertisements page due to the little amount of cash they will gain in that case. Approximately, a minimum of 7 adverts can be an appropriate time for promotion. To simplify it: The number of ads available = The number of potential visitors.

4- Build/Host Your Personal Blog or Website  (Free/Paid Option)

Some people are still think that beginners should learn programming languages and they are obliged to spend lots of hours or weeks in order to start building a blog or website!

While In fact, web creation made very quick and simple. Site designing and coding skills are not required for webmasters as before, today, newbies are eligible to start creating their websites in few minutes! In addition to this, their own blogs or websites can be supported by many features according to the web hosting company they choose.

So, as a website owner with this helping tools provided, you have to focus only on creating awesome contents which can attract or benefit your target audience along with learning some important lessons about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to make your website looks attractive. However, some of web hosting businesses can also teach you how to perform all those requirements step by step.

How to promote your affiliate links through your own websites?
Within your website contents (posts or pages), you are free to insert your special URLs in any text, image you add, or you can copy and paste your affiliate link directly between texts and images or on any blank content.

Here is some of great companies where you can build/host your own platform:

  • SiteRubix  -(free website builder available + full training/support)
  • BlueHost
  • Blogger  -(free website builder available)

5- Publish on Social Media Platforms  (Free Option)

Social media are websites and applications that provide a sophisticated services or simply a communication tools in which has been designed to allow people to interact with each other by sharing information, opinions, interests, photos, videos, and more.

There are some reasons or goals which motivate people to create their accounts on social media, for example, publishing tips, news, ads, and also, publishing affiliate links.
In these days, many sellers and businesses use the social media to market a lot of products and services to their targeted audience, and for sure, you have the chance to start creating your free account in order to promote your special URLs too.

How to promote on social media?
The process is similar for websites managers, you are going to insert the affiliate link in texts or images or by copying/pasting it directly on the empty box of where you can write a content.

Some of worldwide social networking sites:

 Quick Tip ✎  The longer you keep promoting your affiliate programs along with trying new and different methods, you will constantly see increases every month in your commissions.

At the end of this article, I would like to know your personal experience and opinion!

Have you tried those marketing ways?
Do you want more promotional ideas?
I am also willing to learn from you! Do you know other marketing methods?

You are free to share your comments in the comment section below.

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  1. Yes. I have got 2 blogs, which I am still working on. Recently joined Traffic Ad Bar and Traffic Swarm. And recently purchased a website from TC (Tripleclicks).

    1. Good steps Lesley Bennett, I wish you all the best.
      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.
      Also, I would recommend that you just avoid creating more than 3 blogs, because I have found that managing a personal blog/website require high focusing rate with high planning skills in order to monetize it well.

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