Wealthy Affiliate Review – Current State

This is my review about Wealthy Affiliate, whether you are new to this company or already one of its members, this article could be useful for you.

Below are the points which I am going to cover in this post:

  • An overview about wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Is the company suitable for everyone?
  • How to benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?
  • A brief explanation about the services provided
  • The features of the membership options
  • How to start your work in a proper way?
  • My personal point of view about Wealthy Affiliate


WealthyAffiliate.com Overview
WealthyAffiliate review - What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?● Company’s Name— Wealthy Affiliate, also known as (Wealthy Affiliate University) & (WA) for abbreviation.
● Introduced Since—  2005
● Website Owner— Kyle and Carson

● The Joining Price—
Free (except for few countries)
● HTTPS SecurityAvailable
● Payment Options—
PayPal & Checks

Understanding What  Wealthy Affiliate Is About
Wealthy Affiliate is a Marketer Training Platform + Web-Sites Builder + Web Hosting Provider + Community Assistance where members are going to read, listen, and learn a lot of valuable information about Internet business and marketing from different elite webmasters including the Wealthy Affiliate Co-founders Kyle and Carson.

Moreover, members are going to learn how to apply the process of building, managing, and monetizing their own websites using the current advanced ways and based on what they are interested in step by step.

Website URL ⇒ www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

In fact, Wealthy Affiliate targets in serving any money seeker, however, it mostly benefits those marketers who are passionate about something whatever their interests about sciences, sport, news, arts, health-care, etc, and ready to promote any product or service related to it through their personal platforms as well as targets in helping newbies to realize the basics of making money online.

So, In general and due to my experience, Wealthy Affiliate can be an excellent choice for any of the following targeted people:

  Affiliates who work in Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, CJ companies or any affiliate marketing network.
  People who are looking for making/increasing their online income by generating sales, sign-ups, or referrals continuously.
  Everyone who knows his or her interests and goals well.
  Anyone who enjoys searching for anything related to make money online or Internet marketing skills.
Those who got scammed several times and tired in finding legit home works.
  Expert promoters who can generate a lot of customers purchases and signups by their advertising campaigns.
  Anyone who succeeds in getting lots of followers in social media programs and applications
  A person who built a strong relationships.
  A user needs to establish a WordPress site but worry about securing his business well from hackers attacks.

And the list goes on!

The Benefits that you might like to get during your work at WealthyAffiliate.com

Communicating With Others— The company allows you to follow and communicate with all members including its administrators. Communication can be used for many goals, for instance, building relationships, redirecting members to specific webpages, discovering new ideas, getting help and support, etc.

Increasing Knowledge and Skills— There is a plenty of interesting courses and blogs at Wealthy Affiliate in which can help you become more skillful and knowing in some fields specially in regard to marketing and online careers.

Free Traveling— Each time you succeed in achieving a 100 sale per year, you will be qualified to travel with the other WA successful sellers to Las Vegas city for free. Make sure that It is up to you to agree or refuse the deal upon attaining the goal of one hundred sale.

Building and Managing Websites— Wealthy Affiliate provides its members one of the easiest methods for making web platforms in which you can make your special one within 3 minutes or less by using their website builder brand “SiteRubix”. Do note that SiteRubix is not just a site builder tool, click here if you want to know more about it. Regarding the importance of owning a website, having a website let you write, add, and publish approximately anything you like besides the possibility to use it in order to earn limitless potential revenue on-line.

Earning Cash— Along with the multiple ways that you can use to make money online through your own web-sites, Wealthy Affiliate shares its earnings with you when you attain sales or perform some tasks, for more details:

  • Referrals Activities $

    The best method that you may like to do and focus on in the hope of earning a great consistence revenue at Wealthy Affiliate. With this option, all you need to do is to make others join Wealthy Affiliate by promoting your WA invitation links. Do note that those kind of URLs will be given to you automatically after registration.

    So, every person who signs-up through any of your WA invitation links—(also called affiliate links) will become your direct referral at Wealthy Affiliate and then you will have the chance to start earning the cash bonuses depending on his or her activities:

    Each time your referral upgrades to premium for a month or for a year you will earn cash commission.

    In addition to this, when your referrals setup their accounts by completing their profile information (image + simple description) the program will grant you $0.50 in “Affiliate Credits” balance. The same prize you will get once your referral registers a domain ( Domain means a website name).

  • Exchanging Credits For Cash $

    If you want to know how to obtain the WA credits, here are the ways:
    Your referral adds his image and description at his personal profile.
    Your referral registers a domain.
    You leave a comment on a member’s site.
    Adding a good training.
    Your own courses inside Wealthy Affiliate can bring you cash credits when your course reaches a specific level of visits, likes, comments and interact. However, when you add a training, it could help you to gain referrals regardless how its popularity is!

    Do note that credits can be used also towards other systems within WA, like getting comments or feedback to your website as to improve it, and If you have tough time you can buy credits to get these features directly.

    Since we speak about the making money options, it is important to mention the payment service providers available there, so, at Wealthy Affiliate, to receive payments, you need to have a PayPal account or to use checks, those are the current Wealthy Affiliate payment methods. Make sure that you will be eligible to request your eanings when you reach $10 as a minimum payout.

The Purposes and Objectives of Wealthy Affiliate Training

All the courses and lessons provided at Wealthy Affiliate are focusing primarily on helping you achieve the following goals step by step :

  1. Choosing An Interest
  2. Building A Website
  3. Attracting Visitors
  4. Generating Revenues $

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Actually, this strategy is one of the most powerful processes of generating revenue online and I think it is the financial idea that most Internet entrepreneurs use it as well!

However, we must mention that this kind of strategies is not a get-rich-quick scheme but it can lead users to master online business and make a full-time-income from home slowly, specially if they love growing their web-platforms continuously and think positively.

What are the differences between starter and premium membership?
The image below includes the most valuable differences between them:

Wealthy Affiliate premium features

How to Get Started with Wealthy Affiliate?

After registration, It is advisable to start with the “Training” section because it will teach you the initial/essential information that you need to begin building a successful online business based on what you are interested for step by step.

However, If you ever do need a hand with anything or feel stuck, you have an entire community of support behind you (myself included).

Moreover, I propose you watch the following video in order to realize how to use the basics services of Wealthy Affiliate in an appropriate way and where you get support, communication, websites builder, research tools, and more: WealthyAffiliate-Walkthrough-Video

My Opinion About WealthyAffiliate.com
positive iconPros—Things I Like In Wealthy Affiliate:

wealthy affiliate reviewThe owners Kyle and Carson are trusted, friendly and known — Generally, they have a good reputation and you can meet/contact them.

wealthy affiliate reviewA reputable company — Is my Wealthy Affiliate review the only review you have read? My current WA review is just a one of dozens reviews available on the web. I have searched for several times about reviews of Wealthy Affiliate and through different websites to make sure if WA is a legit or scam. I have found that most of authors if not all of them recommended it within their own posts to their visitors. So, if my article does not give you the information you need, then you can type “WealthyAffiliate review” on Google or on any search engine and see how much of users are happy and satisfied to work at WA.

wealthy affiliate reviewImprove continuously — I like when the businesses get better after each period of time in order to serve their workers and clients well. It can leave a positive impression on them.

wealthy affiliate reviewFast improvements — I believe this can bring more activity for all beneficiaries and precede other competitive programs. It like a message that WA are going to maintain their progress for additional years. During each month in WA you could receive many news and updates.

wealthy affiliate reviewHas a lot of succeed members — It means there is a chance to be among them!
wealthy affiliate reviewDollars in sales! — WA grants their affiliates high commissions on referral purchases. In general, people prefer to earn dollars instead of cents on each sale made.

wealthy affiliate reviewFree to join — Although that WA restricts some countries from the free registration but most people can join and try it for free.

wealthy affiliate reviewFree to make money — The affiliates of WA are qualified to earn free cash with no limits.
wealthy affiliate reviewMultiple income streams — At Wealthy Affiliate you can make money by recruiting others, exchanging credits along with having tons of choices for making money online with your website supported by WA.

wealthy affiliate reviewPayPal available for cashing out — PayPal is a favorite payment processor for most Internet users around the world.

wealthy affiliate reviewSecure payment system — WA provides a 128-bit encrypted payment system. Means the member’s payment information is kept safe and secure at all times. This type of security is recommended for any online home work.

wealthy affiliate reviewYearly subscription — At WA we can enjoy the premium features for a whole year by making only one payment. For me, I choose at first the monthly billing when I figure out that the product is worth the price and can meet my requests. Then I choose the annual billings when my satisfaction level increase.

cons iconCons—Things To Pay Attention To:
wealthy affiliate reviewLots of stuff — Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of stuff in which could be overwhelming for some new members. Usually, this problem can be solved easily when starters focus on the “Get Started” course within their first days.

wealthy affiliate reviewSome countries are restricted — According to Kyle`s message (the co-founder of WealthyAffiliate.com):

Last Update: July 03, 2020

Is WealthyAffiliate.com a Scam or a Legit Company?

Regarding if Wealthy Affiliate scam or legit, I think the company is a totally legitimate opportunity to make money online and it is absolutely safe.
Due to what I have mentioned in my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is worth to be a primary online career for money seekers and I suggest everyone to try this opportunity!

To join me at Wealthy Affiliate, click on this banner:
What is wealthy affiliate about?

Special Support : Upon joining me, I am going to support you in solving any problem you might face at Wealthy Affiliate. Besides, you will be eligible to receive all the premium features within your first week along with getting a discount if you upgrade your account during this period.

Thank you for spending your time to read my Wealthy Affiliate review. Please let me know if you have some opinions or questions, you can add your comments below.

10 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate Review – Current State”

  1. This is really a comprehensive review of what WA has to offer. I agree with you that there are so many benefits from joining WA.

    Where else could you find so much information in one place?

    I started with Hostgator but really didn’t receive any help. After a while, I switched my Websites to WA and I am truly amazed at what they have to offer. Besides hosting they have the training for just about anything that you may want to learn.

    1. Indeed Sharon!
      WA provides its affiliates all the support and tools needed to help them make money online. I personally did not find a competitive company to Wealthy Affiliate yet!

  2. This is a very straight forward and in depth post! It seems like Wealthy Affiliate is a great program!

    Are there other programs out there that are similar to it? What makes Wealthy Affiliate stand out from the crowd?

    Overall, I don’t see any ‘cons’ to joining – especially since it’s free to start. Is the free version worth it?

    Thanks for the great info!

    1. Yes, you can find a lot of alternatives. Just do a search on google for “starting an online business” or “affiliate marketing courses” for example and learn from different sources. Honestly, I tried many programs and I found that wealthy affiliate is a unique + very strong platform to learn and earn. I believe that the main reason is due to their great interest to help their members + improving their program continuously. However, any program has “cons” and let me thank you for reminding me this point, I could mention that on my article as soon as possible. Yup, The starter package is essential for beginners as they can learn a lot of useful things in a few days!. Thank you Kayla for sharing your comment.

  3. Reading your review and looking into Wealthy Affiliate some more, it makes perfect sense for any newbie to join the community and learn how to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

    I really can’t believe the number of benefits anyone would get as a WAer. INCREDIBLE! 🙂

    It seems both ths starter and premium memberships offer so much amazing value, and I really do LOVE the fact that EVERYTHING you need for success is under $50 per month.

    With many affiliate training platforms I’ve looked into, they can charge $1,000’s because of overpriced upsells.

    Wealthy Affiliate is another league of its own. Period.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. I agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate provides amazing services with reasonable prices comparing to other affiliate training programs. Thank you for sharing some important points Neil, I greatly appreciate your comment.

  4. Hey there! I’m a student and I’m looking for a part time job online. I heard positive things about wealthy affiliate and I’m interested of trying it. But my problem is that I don’t know how it works and how to start. But after I read your article you gave me the information that I needed to start with wealthy affiliate. I greatly appreciate your time for sharing this information.

    1. I’m glad to hear that my article has given you what you are looking for. Please, let me know if you need anything else John!.

  5. I’ve done a bit a research about this wealthy affiliate program, and I must admit that I couldn’t find much complaints about it. They seem to offer a lot of features to its members which is great! I do wonder how supportive is the community within this program. Are they helpful when it comes to answering questions for those starting out? I am very interested in learning more. Thanks!

    1. Personally, I have asked many times at WA and I got the answers in minutes!. There are a lot of helpers inside Wealthy Affiliate. You can ask ( anyone ) you like there, including the WealthyAffiliate Co-founders Kyle and Carson and all the members at any time you want and by using different ways. You can send a private messages to anyone!. Also, Within the program you can enter any question you might have in the search box in order to find the answers directly. In addition to this, There is a live chat you can use to get the help in seconds! and more. The community is awesome and helpful, you can interact with like-minded people from around the world and learn a lot of things via their videos & tutorials & blogs with no cost!.

      I appreciate your comment Ralph and let me know if you are willing to know more.

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