What Are Online Paid Surveys and How They Work?

What does an online paid survey mean?

Definition: Online Paid Survey is a type of survey where the survey respondents are rewarded for giving their honest thoughts/answers.

A survey can be described simply as a list of questions provided by the researchers ( companies, organizations, brands, merchants, etc. ) for the goal of getting feedback or interesting information.

There is a mediator’s between the researchers and survey respondents called market research site or paid surveys website, the researchers pay a market research site fee for displaying their surveys to targeted consumers, the targeted consumers who join a market research site receive rewards such as cash and gift cards for each survey they complete.

Here is a list which includes some of the good and promising market research sites for the time bieng, just click on the website’s name to visit the company directly.

2 Replies to “What Are Online Paid Surveys and How They Work?”

  1. Hello Acell,
    Thank you very much for your useful article. I really joined this online paid survey. Some of my friends recommended to me and it is part of ClickBank.
    Have you heard of it and do you recommend
    If not I will join one of your companies
    Have a great day

    1. Hello Rania,

      Yes, I still remember that mini website. For me, the company is simply untrustworthy!

      So, I suggest you stay away from it because I have noticed many signs of scam there such as, you have to pay in order to join and the owner claims you can receive a big amount of money like $500 in short time and by completing a single survey! not to mention that the site is not secure well, etc.
      The only good thing that I have found there is the website design! Unfortunately, many people fall for a scam when scammers speak about ‘secrets’ or ‘freedom’ to them.

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