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GPTplanet.com Overview
GPTplanet review● Company’s Name—  GPTplanet
● Introduced Since—  2010
● Website Owner—  Dimitrios Komelatos, he also owns Scarlet-Clicks, Optimalbux
● The Joining Price—  Free
● HTTPS Security—  Available
● Payment Options—  AirTM, Neteller, Skrill, Payeer, Bitcoin, LiteCoin, and Dash

Understanding What GPTplanet Is About
GPTplanet is considered a Paid To Click Service ( bux PTC site model ) where members can promote their affiliate links or any web page besides the possibility to make money by viewing ads, completing tasks/offers, and recruiting others.
GPTplanet.com accepts all countries around the world and it is suitable for all beginners and professional users.

Big Changes and Updates Occurred:-
GPTplanet started as aurora site, then later, they changed their script with adding some features from the bux model.

Website URL ⇒ www.gptplanet.com

The Making Money Options in GPTplanet
$ Watching Adverts
Like all PTC platforms, for each website you view for specific seconds you will earn cash, the process is simple as that!

For more details, when you want to start making money through this option, you have to select at first the “View Ads” section which can be found at your dashboard page, then click on any advertisement you may find there.

After clicking, an ad page will open with a timer in the top page. All you have to do is to wait until the timer changes to “Click the upside down picture then click on the requested image.

$ GPTGrid Game
GPT-Grid game is easy to play and it is free method to make money. To enter the game, you are going to click anywhere on the picture to win cents up to $1 dollar that goes directly into your account balance, each click will open up a sponsor’s ad that you will have to watch it for up to 5 seconds. When the time has passed you will know if you are a winner or not, in fact, it depends on your luck. Clicks are reset daily at midnight server time.

$ Completing Paid Offers
There are a lot of paid offers providers which generate revenues with many online businesses including the PTC sites, this partnership can help the PTC owners add an additional way to reward their members.

To earn the cash reward through this option, you just need to perform some tasks provided by advertisers, for example, downloading an application, answering questions, playing online games, and more.


P-T-S-U mean ( Paid To Sign Up ) offers which considered a list of mini jobs. You earn money once you complete the requested instructions within the offer that you have selected. When you choose an offer you will find some tasks that you need to perform in order to receive the cash prize. These offers are provided by the advertisers and publishers.

Side Note / Be aware from the scammers, because some offers require a personal information like credit card, phone number, email, etc. So, it’s important to understand all the data well. Take care.

$ Rented Referrals System
What are rented referrals and how this system works?
Rented referral are the member who registers in GPTplanet directly without using a referral link from someone ( Some people call them Bots! or Fake members! Not a real users ).

Once you rent a member, he/she will become your referral in your account and you will start earning commissions for each time you and he/she clicks a specific number of ads daily. Make sure that you need to manage them well. At forum you could find some strategies from the expert users.

However, I recommend you to focus on getting the active direct referrals because you will not have to invest each period of time in order to keep them, besides, they are the main key for you to earn a hight and consistence commissions at any PTC sites. if you are willing to rent referrals, at first you should add funds to your purchase balance and then buy them.

$ Referring Others (Direct Referrals)
This is the goal you need if you are looking to become a big earner at GPTplanet or any PTC program. The more you refer active direct referrals the more commissions that you will gain (You will earn commission each time you and your referral clicks and watch an advert).

To refer people, promote your special affiliate link through social media or any advertising platform or you can tell your acquaintances directly by letting them register through your invitation link.

Where can I find my GPTplanet affiliate links?
After registration, go to your account and then on the left menu click on “Banners” section, there you will find the tools you need to start promoting.

At Earning Balance Stats section I have seen a “Points“, What is it for ?
When you perform specific actions on GPTplanet like viewing advertisements, completing some offers, you will get points, therefore you can convert these points into cash which will be added to your purchase balance in order to buy an advertising package or to upgrade your account. This method had been put to purchase anything you are interested in at GPTplanet.com without investing from your pocket.

How to get paid and how long does it take to receive the payment ?
Currently, you can request your profits at GPTplanet by using the following payment methods:

  • AirTM
  • Payeer
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin
  • LiteCoin
  • Dash

The minimum payout is $2 USD and you need to wait from 1 up to 7 days to receive your payment.

Is GPTplanet free to join and work ?
Yes, you can be a free member for lifetime and you can upgrade your account at the time you need for more features and benefits.

Is GPTplanet Scam or Legit?
Regarding if GPTplanet.com a scam or a legitimate opportunity, you will realize the situation of this program easily when you read the same paragraph within my Scarlet-Clicks Review.
So, In general, the site is still pay their members and it is good at the current state. However, I would like to know your personal experience with this company, please, do not hesitate to share your point of view in the comments section below.

To Join me at GPTplanet, Click on the banner below to SignUp

Thanks for reading my GPTplanet review. Have you tried this program? Do you need a help? Feel free to share your comments below.

2 Replies to “What Is GPTplanet About? – GPTplanet Review”

  1. Hi Acel, I have seen again program which you get paid if you do some simple tasks.

    But I was always wanted to ask someone who has tried them, how can you earn if you are active daily?

    If I put 2-3 hours per day can I make a part time income?

    1. Hello Ilias
      At any PTC network, We will earn pennies if we don’t have a good amount of direct referrals ( the activity means you + your referrals click ads on a daily basis ).

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