What is PTC (Paid To Click) about?

The Meaning of PTC and How it works

PTC stands for Paid To Click service which means:
Payment for clicking websites links.

Sometimes, users mention the term “PTCs” as to abbreviate the sentence → Paid To Click sites.

Paid To Click is considered an online business model in a form of advertising platform.
It also known as a money making site where consumers can make some money for performing specific tasks.

PTC sites play as mediator’s role between advertisers and members, advertisers pay for displaying their ads on a PTC company and a part of the payment will go to its members registered when they click and watch the advertisements.

Here is a list which includes some of good and promising PTC sites for the time being, just click on the company’s name to visit the company directly or know more about it by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

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