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Rewardical.com Overview
Rewardical review● Company’s Name—  Rewardical
● Introduced Since—  October 31, 2017
● Website Owner—  Gery Carson
● The Joining Price—  Free
● HTTPS Security—  Available
● Payment Options— No Payment Processors Available

Understanding What Rewardical Is About
Rewardical is a Loyalty Program which will award their members special rewards currencies for performing some tasks. The reward currency at Rewardical.com can be called in different names like : Token, Rewardicals or RT (abbreviation for “Rewardical Token”).

As a member, you are eligible to convert those special digital currencies into a variety of rewards such as silver bullions, bitcoins, gift cards and more. Rewardical is a unique online opportunity and it is suitable for marketers, buyers and any Internet user around the world.

Website URL ⇒ www.rewardical.com

What Is Rewardical About?
■ What Is The Importance Of Being A Rewardical Member?
Once joining this program, you will be eligible to earn valuable rewards when shopping at your favorite local and online markets besides the possibility to earn those gifts for free when playing online games, participating in contests and more.

Do know that before earning the rewards, you need at first to collect some RTs in your Rewardical account balance. Then, you will be able to exchange them for whatever reward you want there. I am going to explain now the important details regarding how to gather your tokens at Rewardical.com as well as what the current prizes and goodies available for you.

Rewardicals iconThe Ways To Earn Rewardical Tokens
 You will earn RTs each time you purchase any product from the local shops registered in Localvantia.com or from the ECAs registered in Rewardical.com.

You receive 1 RT every time the Localvantia merchant or the Rewardical ECA that you have referred dispenses a minimum 10 RTs to their clients.

You gain 25 tokens when you convince someone to register in Rewardical.com through your special ref link and promo code. Plus for every 10 tokens earned by your referrals, you get 1 token.

—Additional Ways For SFI Affiliates

Along with the earning options above, SFI gives their affiliates an extra chances to boost their rewardicals income:

Each day you win in the ‘Biz Quiz‘ daily drawings, you will get 50 tokens. The entering is done by answering a question in the Biz Quiz page.

As there are five levels in badge quest at sfimg.com, you will earn 150 RTs upon winning the first badge level “Rising Star” and 500 RTs for the second one “Badge Quest Pro” and 1000 RTs for attaining the third badge level “Badge Quest Master“.

The rewardicals that earned from winning the level 1 up to 3 can be obtained for one time. With regard to the other badges levels ( Lv: 4 & 5 ), for every month you achieve the forth level “Grand Master” you will earn 2000 rewardicals and 5000 when you achieve the final level “Grand Master Elite” badge.

In addition to that, SFI will automatically grant you a share of 100,000 rewardical tokens if you are lucky enough to be among the dozens winners after entering the “Badge Quest Bounty” drawings. This is a monthly contest and you can win this big prize for several times and without spending any money.

Earn RTs each time you are selected as a winner in the ‘Daily Grand‘ drawing. In addition to this, With every 10 RTs won by your SFI or TC referral, you will earn one RT.

On daily basis, the ‘Daily Crown‘ drawing shares their winners RTs randomly. You can participate in the contest by playing any ‘Eager Zebra‘ game (No need to pay in order to play). Plus you attain 1 additional bonus entry in the Daily Crown drawing each time you win in any Eager Zebra game. Those games are existed in TripleClicks.com.

The more entries, the more chances to become among the Daily Crown winners. Regarding TripleClicks members who place an order for the “New Member Pack” item within their first 10 days they receive additional 30 entries.
Also! With every 10 tokens won by your SFI or TC referral you will receive 1 token.

For each TCredit you spend at Eager Zebra games, Pricebenders and Astro auctions, you will get a minimum of ten RTs. Sometimes, participants in bidding can win jackpots ( five hundred up to seven thousand rewardicals ) just by spending a single credit in Astro auction.

While you are competing in the Entrepreneur365 contest, you will have the opportunity to win thousands of RTs.

Earn rewardicals when purchasing products from TripleClicks store.

Side Note / Referral tokens are paid to you on the first day of each month. For instance, referral tokens won in October will deposited into your Rewardical account balance on November 1st. Besides, any Rewardical member can earn unlimited amounts of tokens with no monthly membership fees.


gift icon The Rewards
After gaining a good amount of RTs, you will be qualified to exchange them for the following choices:
star iconDirect Cash
star iconBitcoin.
Add unlimited bitcoins to your personal Bitcoin wallet.
star iconTripleClicks Gift Certificates.
Use the Gift Card to buy products existing in the TripleClicks store for free.
star iconCharitable Donations To Some International Organizations.
Examples include, Care, Conservation International, Doctors Without Borders,…etc as minimum $0.25 USD. However, I advise you to take at least an overview about those organizations along with understanding what their attitudes towards some countries before you start participating in donation. Just a reminder.
star iconBecome a TC member or SFI affiliate and exchange your tokens for:

  • VersaPoints
  • TCredit(s)
  • PSA(s) (Personally Sponsored Affiliates)SFI referral
  • PRM(s) ( Personally Referred Members) ⇒ TripleClicks referral
  • CSA(s) (Co-Sponsored Affiliates) ⇒ SFI referral
  • Prestige Domain(s).

star iconPure Silver Bullion Bars.

And this is just the beginning! I noticed that the Rewardical manager hopes to add a multitude of other enticing awards and ideas in future. Stay tuned!

■ The Process of Rewardical Tokens Exchange

In this paragraph, I am going to be helping you realize how to convert the RTs to those awards mentioned above.

The method is very simple, at your home page, just choose the “Redeem Rewardicals” option in order to go to the rewardicals exchange page, there you will see a slider in top of the page and which can be used to indicate how many of your RTs acquired you want to redeem for, kindly see the image:

How to reedem rewardicals?

At the same page, you will see the rewards list and beside each one of them you will notice a green button which determines its cost by RTs.

how does the rewardical program work?

Just click on the green button next to the reward that you prefer to obtain, then confirm your choice in the popup window.

attention iconAttention / The items that will likely change most frequently ( literally minute to minute ) will be for silver bullion and bitcoin, as the price will necessarily be pegged to the actual global markets for these items.

■ Quick Explanation About How The Customers And Businesses Benefit Each Other Through Rewardical & Localvantia Platforms

There are some important points should be taken into consideration before the buyer and merchant qualify the participation in sharing their unique benefits.

I am going to mention the things that I know about this subject and if you are looking for the full details, you can review it within the Localvantia  and Rewardical websites.
However, the following information can simplify the subject for you :

• The business owners who manage a local shop and physical products can begin by simply enrolling their business in the Localvantia program. No matter what type of their business is. They can participate whether they sell clothes, books, shoes, foods, flowers…etc.
When merchants create their own accounts in Localvantia.com, they will be able to immediately start awarding the digital tokens to their clients registered in Rewardical and Localvantia.
Simply, The client will receive those tokens each time he or she buys a product from them.
Generally, this process can be incentive for many consumers and can build their royalties as well. Note that the merchant can join the program for free and usually pays upon generating sales a minimum 2% ($.02 per dollar in sales). And yes, any merchant can be a Rewardical member and can also generate rewards when he or she performs the previous actions mentioned-above including the free methods.

• Regarding businesses which are exclusively online, sellers can get their online stores listed in the Rewardical.com search engine easily and for free!
When a customer makes a purchase at their sites and ONLY after they have secured a purchase, Rewardical will invoice them for the cost of the rewardical tokens they will be receiving.
How much will cost?
In fact, the participate rate it up to the seller and it is from 5% up to 15% of the sale.
Do you have currently an e-commerce website?
If yes, then you can list your online store
in the program Here.
Upon completing the registration, you will be awarded free 1000 rewardicals! Do know that your e-commerce website address (URL) must support HTTPS in order to be accepted.

• Any Rewardical member now can earn free rewardicals which can be redeemed for the diverse options that I have mentioned in this article each time he/she purchases any product from those shops registered in Localvantia or from Rewardical ECA websites.
I agree that it will be a great deal when consumer buys something he really needs and at the same time receives a valuable bonus. I personally appreciate this type of offers! How about you?

Note/ Make sure that buyer need to be registered in both Localvantia and Rewardical platforms in order to be able to receive the rewardicals when shopping there.

■ Is There A Cost To Join Rewardical And Which Kind Of Memberships Is The Best For Choice?
One of the good news about Reawardical is that it is free to join and work. Means you are not obliged to invest money in order to join this program or even to earn the awards.

Also, there is no specific kind of membership you need to choose. So, no matter if you are a marketer, seller, retailer, buyer, worker, teacher, farmer,…etc, you can directly register as a Rewardical member and start enjoying all features and services provided.
Actually, Rewardical is open to anyone as well as everyone can earn free tokens with no limits.

■ Is Rewardical.com a Legit or Scam?
Regarding if Rewardical scam or legit, as the site is one of SFI properties, so it is a trusted one.

To join me in this opportunity, you can sign-up today by clicking the banner below and then copy and paste this promo code → 107e594 Review of Rewardical
After registration, you will receive 25 free rewardical tokens.

Thank you for reading my article regarding what is Rewardical about and how it works. Your opinion is valuable and your questions as well. You are free to share your comment below.

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