What Is Scarlet-Clicks About? – Review of Scarlet-Clicks


Scarlet-Clicks.com Overview
What Is Scarlet-clicks About● Company’s Name—  Scarlet-Clicks
● Introduced Since—  2009
● Website Owner—  Dimitrios Komelatos, he also owns GPTplanet and Optimalbux
● The Joining Price—  Free
● HTTPS Security—  Available
● Payment Options—  AirTM, Neteller, Skrill, Payeer, Bitcoin, LiteCoin, and Dash

Understanding What Scarlet-Clicks Is About
Scarlet-Clicks is a PTC (Paid To Click) service where members can promote their affiliate links or any web page, besides the possibility to earn cash by viewing advertisements, completing mini jobs, and recruiting others. The company accept all countries around the world and it is suitable for all beginners and expert users.

Big Changes and Updates Occurred:-
Scarlet-Clicks started as aurora site, but later, they change their script and introduced some features from the bux model.

Website URL ⇒ www.scarlet-clicks.info

■ Details About The Making Money Options
At moment, There are eight ways for you to earn money at Scarlet-Clicks :
$ Watching Ads
The process is very simple, all you have to do is to click an advertisement then the ad will open at a new window with a timer appear on top of the page , you need to wait until the timer changes to “Click the upside down picture” then click on the requested image.

Scarlet-clicks review
Scarlet-clicks review

$ ScarletGrid Game
What Is Scarlet-clicks AboutScarletGrid is easy to play. To start playing the game, just click anywhere on the picture and win cash up to $1 dollar that goes directly into your account balance, each click will open up a sponsor’s site that you will have to view for specific seconds. After this time has passed you will know if you are a winner or not, it depends on your luck. Clicks are reset daily at midnight server time.

$ Completing Paid Offers
There are many paid offers providers available on the web and they generate revenue with any Internet business, forum, phone app, etc, including the PTC sites! To start making money through this option, you just have to complete the tasks provided there such as reading surveys, watching adverts, and more.


PTSU ( Paid To Sign Up ) offers is a list of micro jobs, you can make money from this service once you perform the requested instructions within the offer that you are going to be selecting, when you select an offer, you will find some steps that you need to complete before receiving the cash bonus, these specific Paid to sign up offerssteps are provided the participant in advertising.

For example, let`s suppose that I am an advertiser through PTSU, I could provide you like this:
Sign up to GPTplanet and then click all ads for one week ( This is just an example ).

When you complete those tasks and get approved, a cash will be added to your account balance instantly. Some advertisers could provide you easy tasks while others make it difficult.

Note / Make sure that some publishers may request you to add or send your email, phone/credit card number or purchasing something that you are not interested in, etc. So it is very important to read all the instructions well.

$ Weekly Point Contests + Converting Points
For specific actions you perform on the site you will earn points, therefore you can convert those points into cash and use it to purchase advertising packs or upgrade your account.
Cash How to collect points?
20 points for every new direct referral you make.
10 points for every dollar deposited.
1 point for every click.
1 point for every completed offer.

Note / Points can be more useful for you when you collect them in order to win in the contest, if you become among the winners, you will receive a good additional incomes ( Typically from $10 to $100 ) which will be added to your main balance.

$ Rented Referrals System
This system is used in order to help the members who are willing to earn cash commissions quickly instead of marketing their special affiliate links.

Who are the Rented Referrals at Scarlet-Clicks?
Rented Referrals are the members who register in Scarlet-Clicks directly without using a referral link from someone ( Some people call them Bots! or Fake! not a real people ) once you rent them they will become referrals for your account.

To start renting, just add funds or buy them directly if you have enough money in your purchase balance. Be sure that the rented referrals system is not easy for use. When you rent referrals you need to know how to manage ( recycle/extend ) them well. However, In the forum, you can find a lot of experiences and strategies which may help you manage your rented referrals in a professional plan.

For me, I recommend you to care more for the active direct referrals because you don’t need to invest money for extend/manage them and they will grant you a high commission average for long term without spending any money.

$ Referring People ( Generating Direct Referrals )
Invite people by promoting your invitation links through any free or paid advertising idea and earn extra Income potential.

Every person who registers through your special affiliate link, he/she will become your direct referral at Scarlet-Clicks.com and you will start earning the commissions from his/her activity in clicking and purchases ( in order to be able to earn the commission from your referral activities, you need to click a specific number of ads daily ).

There is no limit for how much you can refer and earn from this service even if you work as a free member. Simply, The more clicks and purchases made by your direct referrals = The more money you will generate.
Promotional ideas to promote your affiliate link in order to generate unlimited referrals

$ Referral Contest
The Referral Contest distribute unlimited prizes depends on each member effort, the participant can earn up to $0.25 cents for every active referral. The prizes will be given for the top 10 winners. This contest has some rules but make referral contestsure that it will not force you to buy something in order to win. This service is seem a profitable for the active members specially for those professional marketers who can refer more people during a particular period of time.

■ Where can I find my affiliate links to start promoting ?
In order to find your referral links, you have to go to your account and then on the left menu select “Promotional Tools” . There you will find everything you need to publish your affiliate links through social networks or through any type of advertising platforms in order to get direct referrals.

■ How and When I can Get Paid ?
Scarlet-Clicks currently provides you with the following payment methods to receive your profits:

  • AirTM
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Payeer
  • Bitcoin
  • LiteCoin
  • Dash

And the minimum payout is $2 USD.

■ Is Scarlet-Clicks free to join and work ?
Yes, you can join and work and get paid without any investment, and you can upgrade when needed at any time you want for more features and benefits.

■ Is Scarlet-Clicks Scam or Legit?
Regarding if Scarlet-Clicks.com a scam or a legitimate opportunity, for me, everything was going well with Scarlet-Clicks until the moment they lost the PayPal account, after that, the site activity become less as we know that lots of members are using PayPal in receiving their payments (we can say the same thing for GPTplanet). However, this problem can be alleviated by adding other trusted payment processors.

The good news is that the site still pay their members, but the bad news started when the owner have decided to add another PTC site
(Optimalbux is the third PTC site which are managed by the same admin “Dimitrios Komelatos” and its services are completely similar to both GPTplanet and Scarlet-Clicks) along with adding the adpack feature on all the three ones!

Okay, why I am considering those additions a bad news?
Managing another similar PTC program is like an indirect message which inform us that the first PTC ones are not good enough in generating sufficient revenues and which could be useless one day! However, the administrator may have decided to do that in order to attract new customers for his businesses, well, I think this move can bring some good results but not for long-term, because that was exactly what occurred to GPTplanet.com.

And regard to the adpack feature, yup, this type of service can motivate new members to buy advertising packs, but in fact, it has a bad reputation for many old users and they fully understand what happened to all those PTCs featured by adpacks.

The question is: Can the administrator maintain his PTCs with the adpacks service?
We will see what happen in the upcoming days. Stay tuned.
So, In general, the site is seem legit and it is still paying but at the same time you have to be careful, hence, I advise you to request your profits when you reach the minimum payout, or in other words, do not remain a big amount of money in your account balance.

To Join me at Scarlet-Clicks click on the banner below to SignUp

Thank you for reading my Scarlet-Clicks review. I hope it is informative and it gives you the answer for what is Scarlet Clicks about and how to deal with it. Here if you have any question/opinion about this program, you are free to add your comments below.

2 Replies to “What Is Scarlet-Clicks About? – Review of Scarlet-Clicks”

  1. Hello Acell
    This is a very informative post about Scarlet clicks. This was one of the first PTCs I joined when I first got started online in 2010.
    Unfortunately I had to give it up very quick, clicking for cents and no referrals, I soon realized there was no way I was going to reach the minimum cash out.
    Although Scarlet clicks, just like most PTCs out there does not pay much,it sure 100% legit and anyone who knows how to get referrals can sure make some pocket money.
    The rented referrals, I read that these are bots,what do you say about this? do you think there is a chance rented referrals are bots?
    Very informative post,thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Dear Roamy
      Generally, I can’t accuse something without a clear evidence. So I’m not sure if ALL of the rented referrals in PTCs are bots. Personally, I have encountered some problems with the rented referrals system and maybe I will publish a new post on my website related to this system someday. However, I would always recommend PTC members for gaining only the direct referrals instead of renting a doubtful users!!.
      Thank you Roamy for sharing your opinion and experience, I appreciate your comment. Let me know if you need any help.

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