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sfimg.com Overview
SFI review● Company’s Name—  SFI, also known as (SFIMG) which is the abbreviation for Strong Future International Marketing Group”
● Introduced Since—  1998
● Website Owner—  Gery Carson
● The Joining Price—  Free
● HTTPS Security—  Available
● Payment Options—  PayPal, TripleClicks Master Card, Checks, and ACH Direct Deposit

What Is SFIMG About?
SFI is an Affiliate Training Center + Network Marketing in the form of MLM ( Multi Level Marketing ) where affiliates can read a lot of information related to marketing as well as they can build network and web-platforms (sub-domains or custom) besides the possibility to earn unlimited cash and rewards by completing a wide variety of tasks.

SFI starting with just one product sold only in United States. Now SFI has grown and has more features and more than 10,000 products/services sold in over 190 countries around the world.

The SFI president & founder Gery was a top marketer and record-breaking distributor for several direct sales companies and a successful business magazine publisher from 1985 to 1998. The parent company of SFIMG is named Carson Services, Inc  or  CSI.

SFI is a worldwide company and it is suitable for intermediate and expert publishers, advertisers and merchants.

Website URL ⇒ www.sfimg.com

What are the benefits of being an affiliate at SFI and what is TripleClicks about?

Well, TripleClicks (also known as “TC”) is a huge e-commerce website powered by SFI in which you can access this site directly by using the same user-name and password of SFI. Now, What are the benefits of being a member at SFI ? It is hard to mention all the potential benefits you may get there, So due to my experience I am going to mention the most valuable features of joining this company :

  • Free lifetime membership. You are not obliged to purchase something in order to join this program or even to make money.
  • Free training guide “LaunchPad index” to teach you how to get started with SFI and how to grow your earnings. In addition to this, you can find many posts, tips and resources related to marketing skills and strategies to success at SFI existed in their forum and the affiliate center. Have you read my post regarding the basics of getting started in SFI?
  • Multiple income streams. You can use different ways to earn unlimited cash and prizes within SFI.
  • A unique multi level affiliate program. SFI allows you to receive cash commissions through up to 12 generations of affiliates.
  • Participation in TripleClicks shopping. You can bid on items, play online games, Buy or sell any TC product. Besides, you can list your own products and services there.
  • SFI takes care of all orders, payments, shipping and customer service for you.
  • 24/7 support and assistance available.

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What are VersaPoints?

VersaPoints ( VP ) are points awarded to you for performing various actions at SFI
(The tasks are listed on your SFI “TO DO list” tab).

Versa Points are used as a primary method to determine your rank in SFI and according to this, sfi versapointsearning as minimum 1500 VP each month is necessary part if you are looking to build a great downline (Active Team of Investors) in order to make your income grow continuously.

Remember that if you are in your current month and do not collect 1500 VP by the end of the month, you can transfer all of your VP to the subsequent month.
The Versa Points can be collected for free with just actions or combinations of actions and sales. Also, if you are having a tough time you can buy them directly through TripleClicks store.

How to earn money at SFI?
SFI provides many options for you to make money there.
Actually, most of them have terms and rules in which can be overwhelming for some members. For this, I am going to simplify this subject for you as possible as I can.
The following are the major methods to make money with SFI:

$ Selling TripleClicks Products
One of the best methods to make money at SFI is to promote any product or service you like and available in TC store in order to generate sales. This method is an important one because it can grant you cash commission along with different prizes for each sale you make.

Note / Before you participate in promoting, It is recommended to find you niche, that you know a lot about, then find items for that niche.

$ Converting Rewardicals Into Salable Stuff
Rewardicals iconWhat are rewardicals? Rewardicals are special digital tokens which can be earned by playing TripleClicks games, participating in contests, shopping at your favorite local and online markets, and more.

When you earn these rewardicals, you can convert them into salable items such as silver bullions and bitcoins. By the way, rewardical tokens can be exchanged for more than just those prizes. Learn more about Rewardical program

$ Connecting Your Local Shop or Online Store With SFI Programs
SFI offer you the possibility to list your local/online store with Rewardical and Localvanita programs in order to help you attract new customers as well as build new clients to your business.

Merchants who have a physical products can begin registering their local shops at Localvantia.com while those marketers or sellers who own e-commerce websites can register their online stores at Rewardical.com.
By the way, registering your local or online store is totally free and you will pay nominal fees ONLY when you make sales.

$ SFI Pay Per Action (SFIPPA)
In order to generate high payout you can use the PPA program. With this option you could make around $1500 dollars in your first three months, but unless you keep generating new sing-ups in daily basis with being them active.

Hmmm, It seems a hard request specially for non-professional advertisers!
In any case, this supplemental income is earned by getting others to take actions such as filling out forms or when your sign-ups achieve any type of team leader ranks within 3 months of signing what is sfi about?up, etc. The amount of PPA program bounties varies depending on your sign-ups activity.

attention icon Attention / You should know that the affiliate sign-up you generate from your participation in PPA program will NOT be recorded as a PSA “Personally Sponsored Affiliate” or go into your downline ( SFI direct referral ).
So when you participate in this service, you will earn money upfront, but you will get a limited opportunities of benefits unlike when you invite a direct PSA or PRM.

$ Building Active Networks (Referring or Sponsoring Active Referrals)
In order to maximize your income at SFI via building a successful team of workers, you are going to refer people to SFI by promoting your invitation links through social networks and advertising platforms SFI review - Team Buildingor simply you can tell your family and friends.

When you convince someone to register in SFI via your special invitation link, he/she will become your direct referral at SFIMG.com or in other words, you will become his/her “Sponsor“. And then, you will have the chance to earn commissions and lucrative royalties every time your direct referral complete some tasks (Your direct referral can be named as PSA, PRM or ECA). Also! you will get free additional referrals to your downline known as “CSAs” if you maintain a specific level in rank.

In fact, I would like to inform you that determining the commission rate and royalties from referring people at SFI depends on your SFI Rank. To make things into perspective, there are 7 ranks offered for every SFI affiliate and to advance the rank 2 up to 7 you need to qualify for some requirements. Below are the names of ranks and the qualifications needed for each one of them (DTL is the highest rank) :

Rank Name Monthly Qualifications
Affiliate No Qualifications Required
Executive Affiliate ( EA ) 1500 VP
Bronze Team Leader ( BTL ) 3000 VP + 3 PSAs + 3 stars > sponsor rating from PSAs
Silver Team Leader ( STL ) 4000 VP + 1 BTL from your 5 PSAs + 3 stars
Gold Team Leader ( GTL ) 5000 VP + 2 STLs from your 5 PSAs + 3 starts
Platinum Team Leader ( PTL ) 6000 VP + 3 GTLs from your 5 PSAs + 3 stars
Diamond Team Leader ( DTL ) 1500 VP + 5 PTLs on your first level

And here we can understand how the monetary awards and other royalties will be distributed for you depending on your rank :

Royalties/Monetary Awards From Referring Others
The Minimum Qualification Rank
Earning 20% of the Commission Volume each time your referred SFI affiliate “PSA” buys something at TripleClicks.com
Earning 52% of the Commission Volume each time your referred TC member “PRM” buys something at TripleClicks.com
SFIPPA Bounty : Earning up to $10 for each qualified sign-up Affiliate
Earning 1 token for each 10 tokens earned by your Rewardical referral Affiliate
Earning 8% of the Commission Volume each time your CSA buys something at TripleClicks.com Executive Affiliate
Bonus 50 rewardicals + Earning 1 token for each 10 tokens dispensed by your ECA referral for his/her customers
Executive Affiliate
Earning 4% of all Commissions Volume on 3 up to 12 levels
Executive Affiliate

Executive Affiliates are qualified in gaining cash within 3 generation of affiliates while Team Leaders (Bronze Team Leader and above) are able for receiving commissions on 6 up to 12 Generations Levels.
Also, each time you advance in ranks you will receive more features and rewards such as monthly bonuses of TCredits, paid instantly, private team forum, etc.

Note / When you sponsor SFI affiliates, It is preferred to help them get started, teach them, encourage them and work with them, because the supporting are the most useful element to make your team follow your instructions and continue their journey at SFI with you.

How to receive payments?
SFI offers the following payment methods for cash outs:

  • SFI Cash Card or TripleClicks Master Card
  • PayPal
  • Checks
  • ACH Direct Deposit.

The minimum cash out varies depending on your payment option, for example, to receive your profits via PayPal, you need at least to make $20 USD in your SFI account balance.

Is SFI Scam or Legit?
Regarding if SFI scam or legit, I think SFI is not a scam and it is a real business due to what I have mentioned in this page (Please, review the SFI benefits & features paragraph). However, In most cases, any company has a negative and positive aspects in my opinion. So I could mention the pros and cons of this company in future.

To join my team at SFI, Click on the banner below to Sign-Up
SFI review - Strong Future International Marketing Group

Special Support : Upon joining my team, I will become one of your Upline there which means I am going to support you in answering any question you might have. Besides, you will be eligible to receive some bonuses from my commissions such as “TCredits” or “Gift Certificates” to use them for buying products in TripleClicks store.

Thank you for reading my SFI review, I hope it helps you to get what you are looking for in this business. Please, feel free to add your comments below if you have any question or opinion.

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    1. I wish you all the best Romanus, please, do not hesitate to ask me when you get stuck with any point and whenever you need.

  1. As a previous user of SFI, I didn’t have the best experience with it but I know it is possible to make money with it because there are a lot of successful people using it. I just found it too hard to recruit people. How have you obtained personal success on it and how long did it take in your own experience?

    1. Actually, recruiting people is not easy whether in SFI or in any other affiliate program. But the professional marketers can make that easy! And for this, I have created the help list page in order to help the starter become an expert marketer slowly. Regard to my personal experience, I am near to complete my first year with this business and during this period, I have earned some commissions and learned some important rules for success. Many different factors are part of the formula, and different people do better as different things.

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