What Is Traffic Ad Bar About ? – Review of Traffic Ad Bar

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This post is my review about TrafficAdBar.com
I will start giving you an overview about the company, then I will mention its services with mentioning my opinion about the company’s reliability based on my personal experience. You can also share with me your personal point of view by using the comments section at below this post.

Wealthy Marketers

TrafficAdBar.com Overview
Traffic Ad Bar review● Company’s Name—  Traffic Ad Bar
● Introduced Since— 2009
● Website Owner— Darren Merett who also owns CashJoice and LinkTracker
● The Joining Price—  Free
● HTTPS Security—  Available
● Payment Options—  Bank transfer

Understanding What Traffic Ad Bar Is About

We can describe TrafficAdBar as a Manual/Automatic Traffic Exchange Site where members are allowable to surf/promote web-pages for free besides
the possibility to generate revenue and additional auto traffic on recruiting others.

TrafficAdBar is a free advertising platform that providing a unique traffic system for their members. The traffic system of this company are based on the number of points instead of many other traffic exchange sites in which provide you the ratio (ex..1:1 – 2:1) in their own programs.

The system can lead your ad to attract visitors from other advertising sources just like when you see ads on Facebook or Google, etc.
TrafficAdBar is suitable for beginner and professional promoters.

Website URL ⇒ www.trafficadbar.com

Benefits of Using TrafficAdBar.com

TrafficAdBar helps you advertise your favorite affiliate programs and sites URLs whenever you want and regardless what your ad language is, if you want to understand how to promote stuff there, here are the ways:

  1. To advertise a web page at TrafficAdBar, you have to select “Websites” at your dashboard
    then choose >
    “Your websites” option. There you can type your favorite page URL in the search bar and then click on “Add a website” button.
    After this, you need to add some information about your ad as you can see in the image below   ( Don’t copy the same info, this is just an example )traffic ad bar reviewDo note that your advertisements can be seen across the search engines!After completing the setup, the next step is going to be clicking on the red tabClick here to earn points in order to start watching the members sites along with earning points. (The importance of TAB points has been explained in the upcoming paragraphs)trafficadbar review
    The program allows you to publish your banners too if your type of membership is Pro or Platinum


  2. Another way to promote something at TrafficAdBar is to write about it in your personal profile description or within your testimonial.

    To give you a simple example, here is a screenshot that shows my personal profile content, just see how I added my website URL ( https://malsnet.com ) there in order to let my website get potential visits when members read it.

Also, one of the benefits of joining TrafficAdBar is that you are able to earn revenue with the company, if you want to know how to make money with TrafficAdBar, here is the way:

  • Referral Purchases $

    After registration, you will have a special referral link, this link is where you can generate unlimited direct referrals upon promoting it by using whatever the marketing idea you prefer.

    The process is simple, when someone convinced to join this company through your referral link, he or she will become your direct referral and you will become his/her referrer for lifetime. You will gain cash commission every time one of your referrals makes a purchase or upgrade.
    Find Out How To Promote Your Affiliate Link In Order To Get Unlimited Sign-Ups Referrals

    The table below will explain the different commission rate between the membership options :

    Commission Earning Process Free Member Pro Lite Pro Platinum
    Your referral upgrades to Pro Lite. 10% 25% 30% 35%
    Your referral upgrades to Pro. 6% 15% 20% 35%
    Your referral upgrades to Platinum. 4% 10% 15% 35%

    Make sure that when you refer people you will have the chance to earn both commissions and extra points.

    How To Receive Payments From TrafficAdBar.com ?

    Currently, you can get paid by the following payment processors:

    • Bank transfer

    The commission is paid at in the end of each month.

What Is The Importance of Collecting TrafficAdBar Points?
review of traffic ad bar
I will simplify the subject for you, the more points = the more traffic (visits) to your websites/affiliate links = the more chances to generate sales, followers or sign-ups referrals.

In addition to this, your adverts can receive hits inside and outside the Traffic Ad Bar platform automatically. It means you can gain visitors, direct referrals, and commissions by doing nothing and for free!

Actually, I must mention that it depends on the amount of points that you have collected in order to boost and move up the level ladder. However, if you have no time to surf sites in order for getting these features you can upgrade your account (monthly/yearly) at any time you want.

Note / The Level Ladder is a chart which will determine your ads links level, It is your key to the automated advertising. Each of your ads is listed separately on the level ladder, the higher each of your ads on the level ladder, the more hits you will receive. Make sure that points earned are valid for 3 months as to give the chance for everyone to accomplish the higher levels.

Different Ways to Earn Points + A Brilliant Idea!

There are many ways you can use to increase your credit points at TraficAdBar.com, you earn points when you

  • Visit members websites
  • Refer someone active
  • Upgrade your account
  • Click on the links that existed in Traffic Ad Bar daily email messages
  • And any person who watch your ad from any source.

Moreover, you can put the ad bar code on your own personal blog or website pages to earn an additional points for each unique visitor, or simply you can paired up your popular URLs with the special Traffic Ad Bar link and earn points for every visit you receive through traffic exchanges or advertising services, for example, click on this link


You will notice that I earned points with no effort from me!
Yes, this is the same bonus that you will get for each time your ad receives a visit regardless where clicks and views are come from.

No Joining Fee!
Traffic Ad Bar is free to join and work. Members are eligible to work or even to earn unlimited commissions without need to purchase anything and all the types of upgrades provided there are optional.

Is Traffic Ad Bar Scam or Legit?
In my opinion, I do not think that Traffic Ad Bar is a scam, as they provide a real visitors for their members, you can communicate with real people there, besides, I have searched about Traffic Ad Bar reviews through different websites on the web in order to make sure if Traffic Ad Bar is considered a scam or legit, and what I have found is that a lot of users say good things about it and some of them recommend it within their review. However, I am not really sure about the efficiency of that hits come from the extra points.

Do I recommend it too?
In fact, I would not recommend it, but, in general, It seems good and work for those who love promoting things through traffic exchanges. I personally use the company for finding new prospects.

To join me at this free traffic program, click on the banner below to SignUp
Trafficadbar logo

After registration, you will be qualified to start with a high number of points (automated hits to your ads immediately).

Thanks a lot for reading my article regarding what is Traffic Ad Bar about and how it works. Let me know if you want to say something or have any question about Traffic Ad Bar.

Have you tried it? Is this program an interesting?
Your opinion is valuable for me. You can share it at the comments section below.

14 Replies to “What Is Traffic Ad Bar About ? – Review of Traffic Ad Bar”

  1. I had a Traffic Ad Bar account years ago but stopped visiting the site as life got busy, and I found I wasn’t really getting much traffic from them.

    On revisiting the site, I see it has been overalled and looks more advanced than it used to. Do you find the conversions for your affiliate offers at this site are good and do they send you enough traffic?

  2. I have heard of this program on many occasions and from what I have heard this program seems to be very great and will be of great benefit. I just need to understand more about how to use it because some parts seem to be hard to follow. I will have to really take my time in trying to understand it. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Thanks to you too for sharing your opinion. Do not worry, there is a section on the company’s website where you can get help and support if you have questions in regard to how to use the services provided there (include videos about getting started).

      Yes, the company is worth a try and it is free to use.

  3. Hey Acell,

    Thanks for filling us in on traffic Ad Bar. It makes sense to use this for landing pages and affiliate links. It seems like you should never do this with the Amazon Associates program, but it may work with something like ClickBank where many of the products already have conversion funnels built in. Thanks again for the review!

  4. Hello there, this sounds like a pretty easy program to set up on your website and provides a way to increase your site’s traffic. This is actually the first time I’ve heard of it and found it quite interesting.

    It looks like an easy program to use and you can build up points which will equal more traffic and more sales or revenue on my own website. That sounds amazing and I really hope that it works. Do you find that it is an easy way to generate money on your site? Or does it provide another benefit for you?

    Thank you for sharing this great information!

    1. Promoting our main websites (WordPress or Blogger, etc.) at any traffic exchange program directly is not recommended, because when we do that, it could decrease our website rank in search engines, as Google and other search engines are preferring to boost those websites who receive a good rate of quality visits (active visitors). On traffic exchanges, I promote only a landing page, splash pages, or affiliate links. Regarding to my web-site, I have some benefits but not much because it’s still new. Thanks for sharing your comment.

  5. Thank You

    Traffic bar sounds like something interesting to try, I never used any of these types of programs before. I just was not sure they were on the up, this sounds like a fun way to share my products with other people.

    I am curious who will be viewing my product through this traffic source by me using this program, will my products be reaching people interested in my products?

    1. We can say that It depends on what kind of product you are trying to sell. For instance, someone who frequently visit web pages about fitness may be interested in an announcement about a new exercise equipment and so on. However, when you register now you will begin with a high number of points. This program is free and there is nothing to lose.

  6. Thank You

    People with an online business always can use a free traffic sources to help them share their products and services with more people


    1. You are welcome Jeff & Thank you for sharing your comment with us. let me know if you have any question or need any help.

  7. Hi Awad

    Have never heard of TrafficAdBar and it sounds very exciting! I have actually been looking into a few free traffic programs lately so will join this one for research purposes, it will be nice to compare this with the other programs I am currently using.

    Can you recommend any other free traffic services?

    Thanks so much for sharing this, much appreciated 😉

    Kind regards,

    1. You are welcome Kamil.

      You can try this program for free at any time you want and compare it to the other programs that you currently have. But, before you start promoting your business there, I would like to mention that promoting your main website within any Traffic Exchange site will not be recommended as to save your website rank in google or any search engine, So, I recommend you to use the following links (affiliate/referral links – squeeze page – landing page – splash page) as a better alternatives.
      Soon I will write a review for another free traffic service that I personally use. If you have enough time then you can keep on checking our site for the latest news and updates. Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion Kamil I really appreciate your comment.

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